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Rincon City notably ascends in December price comparator

Press Release UNKOBON

In the monthly price comparison of consumer organizations Unkobon and FTpKB and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the ranking of the four cheapest and the four most expensive supermarkets remains stable. In the middle group there are quite a few shifts.

For example, Rincon City has tightened its purchasing policy and now also has cheaper alternatives for the expensive A-brands in the shop. The supermarket therefore turned out considerably cheaper and rose from the ninth to the fifth place. Lucky Supermarket, one of the cheaper supermarkets in August, is slowly moving towards the more expensive supermarkets.

If we look at the whole of the 15 supermarkets, nothing much happened in December compared to November. In a number of supermarkets, an average drop in the price of the package was visible and at the remaining supermarkets it became more expensive on average or remained the same. Some supermarkets that became more expensive in November compensated for this in December with price reductions.

The observers saw that the cheaper brands were often sold out in December. This is an indication that more and more consumers consciously opt for the cheaper alternatives. If the cheaper brand is sold out, often only a much more expensive brand is available. This causes large price fluctuations for certain products in a supermarket.

The prices of the products for each supermarket can be found on

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