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Restaurant Review – The Beach

Xp Bonaire Feature Story

Grand Windsock Bonaire Resort on the EEG Boulevard is now complete and operational, a dive & beach resort with luxury villas and apartments where nothing is missing. On the other side of the road is the associated beach club, The Beach. Formerly a private beach for the tenants of the old Windsock apartments, it is now open to the public as part of Grand Windsock.

The Beach is very spacious and divided into several cozy terraces and pieces of beach with the bar and kitchen overlooking the entire location. It is adjacent to the Bellafonte apartment complex. Owners Nicky and Alex have succeeded in creating a place that is accessible to almost everyone - divers, families with small children, young and old.

We made a reservation for 2 people and a dog. The dog in particular is not allowed everywhere, but the staff of The Beach understand that if someone brings a dog, it is because they can handle the animal and not let it race across the beach or eat the furniture. We were kindly and quickly escorted to our table on the terrace, by the water, in the fresh breeze.

Our drinks took a while, but, except for the beach beds, just about everything was occupied so this must have been due to the crowds.


As a starter we choose a smoked rib-eye carpaccio and a salad of beetroot and goat cheese.

The carpaccio was served with arugula, truffle mayonnaise, Parmesan cheese and crushed walnuts. The rib-eye comes from the rib, but without the bone and is marbled with fat, giving it a little more flavor than regular beef tenderloin. Smoked and sliced carpaccio a very tasty starter.

The beet salad consisted of sweet and sour beets with goat cheese and roasted walnuts. We enjoyed the combination.

Main dishes

Our main courses consist of a tenderloin with mushrooms in a Madeira sauce and a Beach bowl, a poke bowl with “The Beach” twist, which is served in different versions. Poke bowl is a traditional Hawaiian main dish. Poké is Hawaiian and means to cut into pieces. The pieces of fish or meat are then served in a bowl along with vegetables and rice. In Europe, the poké bowl is often filled with lukewarm rice and peeled edamame beans. Our “The Beach” version was filled with rice, vegetables and chicken satay, well grilled and a nice idea to serve it this way. The quantity was also more than sufficient.

The tenderloin was a little overcooked. In our opinion, the Madeira sauce could have been a little higher in taste, but there you have it, tastes differ. The pan-fried potatoes were as we like them and made up for it again. Despite the fact that overall the food was good, we didn't completely empty the plates. So there is no question of leaving the table hungry at The Beach.


Finally, a dessert, even though we wondered if we would still have room for it. But yes, creme brullée with Liqour43 and a piece of cheese cake from Dutch stroopwafel. Of course you make room for that and we did not regret it.

We look back on a pleasant evening in a cozy, spacious beach club that perfectly sums up the atmosphere of Bonaire. Extremely friendly service, a reasonable price tag and ample parking make The Beach a great place for everyone.

Our favorites:

Smoked rib eye carpaccio

Salad of beetroot and goat cheese

Cream Brullee liquor 43

EEG Boulevard 14

+599 701 7887

Monday – Saturday

8:00 AM - 10:00 PM


8:00 AM - 10:30 PM

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