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Restaurant Review Bon Tapa

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This time a restaurant, that we previously wrote a review about. Our last visit was almost 3 years ago, so we were very curious whether the enthusiasm and quality is still the same as just after the opening. Once again, we join Bon Tapa, the only real tapas restaurant in Bonaire, at Kaya Isla Riba 1, seen from the Caribbean sea, just behind Luciano's.

Over the past 3 years, entrepreneur Marcel Dieperink has not exactly been idle. Bon Tapa has got a sister n named Bon Wokkie, which is mainly aimed at quick (wok) meals, and even though you can eat in , perfect for take out. The enthusiasm of both Marcel and his staff is still above average and can be found in the entire atmosphere of the restaurant. It is cozy, neat and pleasant in terms of temperature. If you're not hungry, you will be. There is a large TV screen on the wall showing photos of the dishes and cocktails. Not like at McDonalds, where no product resembles the pictures presented, but real pictures as it is served. What you see is what you get. You would almost forget that it still exists, but at Bon Tapa it certainly does.

We are this evening with 3 people, 2 of which are small eaters. We have some trouble making a choice and because tapas are normally very small portions, we order no less than 10 dishes. Mainly because we know it's very tasty, and a few dishes out of curiosity. In the meantime we enjoy our drinks, including a very tasty Espresso Martini prepared with care and love, according to our table lady. Later we enjoy a full body red wine, a Malbec served by the glass.

Because each dish is plated differently, a pleasant and delicious food scene was created on our table which, even without tasting, was a very appetizing visual. Bon Tapa has also been thinking about that part of dining. You don't just eat good food with your taste buds, but also with your eyes.

I can't restrain myself from starting with the carpaccio bonbon. This taste sensation was still fresh in memory from last time and was still just as exquisite. The menu changed many times inbetween, but of course includes the guests’ favorites. Just like the Bacon goat, the goat cheese wrapped in bacon, the Beef tataki, Gamba al ajillo, the buttery soft Teriyaki tenders and of course the delicious Patatas bravas as a side dish. For tapas, the portions are just as generous. Not exaggerated, but certainly not too frugal. The Fish fritos, small fried sardines, were our least favorite, but still very tasty. By telling you this you can imagine that there is nothing to criticize about anything else on our table.

On the other hand, there are notable dishes, for example the Sticky chicken. Chicken goes very well with sweet and as I said, the eye wants something too. These pieces of chicken pull sticky threads when you take it off the dish and do justice to the name. Another masterpiece from the kitchen team, just like the Jalapeno cheese croquettes and the Mussels, prepared with chorizo and white wine. It is clear that the chefs are still just as excited as the young entrepreneur himself. For dessert we choose a creme brulee of white chocolate and a simple scoop with 2 scoops of ice cream dressed as Dame Blanche. The latter is not on the menu, but the choice of various flavors of ice cream also made this creation possible. We conclude with a nice cup of coffee and look back on a successful evening with an excellent dinner for a very friendly price. Bon tapa was and still is a must for a nice night out and good food.


Bon Tapa

1 Kaya Isla Riba, Kralendijk

Hours: Monday and Sunday Closed

Tue. -Sa. 5 pm–12 am

Phone: +599 701 1515

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