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Put a Little Taste of the South in Yo’ Mouth - JB’s Bar B Que

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Have you seen the sales tent at the roadside on the way to Sorobon? The southern pulled pork sandwich served with chips, coleslaw, pickles, your choice of three homemade sauces and a soft drink is a complete meal and makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

We had the honor of watching part of the preparation by owners Jon and Jan, a pair of true Southerners. A special cut of pork, which had been slow smoked the whole afternoon and night, was lifted out of the Bar B Que, juicy and spreading the most wonderful aroma. While Jon rubs the pork to perfection with a special blend of spices and herbs, Jan prepares her coleslaw just the way she learned back home.

True Southerners

Jan and Jon, who moved from Myrtle Beach, on South Carolina’s Atlantic coast, to Bonaire in October, 2017, lived in the southern United States their whole lives. Jan was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, and moved to Myrtle Beach in her 30s. In September, 2017, she retired from her life working in the medical and medical laboratory services industries. Jon worked for over 28 years as a Chevrolet Service Manager. Growing up in the Carolinas, he has always prepared pulled pork, the state’s Bar B Que specialty.

They first met Shagging

After moving to Myrtle Beach, Jon was taking some time off when he met Jan at the traditional Myrtle Beach Shagging event in 2012. Yes, we know what you think, but as they explained, Shagging is a cultural dance, dating back to the 50’s in North Myrtle beach. The Shagging event takes place twice a year for 10 days.

Finding a new Home

Since that time, the two have been a couple and married in 2016 on Saint Lucia. Jan and Jon always wanted to start over again someplace else and have been travelling the last 6 years to find the location for their new home. They went to Curacao, Mexico, Jamaica, St Lucia and finally to Bonaire via Curacao. Stepping off the plane, Jon immediately said, “I am home!” From then on their focus has been to plan and organize their move to the island and, as was always the plan, a small business to keep busy.

First they thought of opening a small bed and breakfast, but after an unsuccessful search for the right property, they thought of a food truck. As we all know, the permit procedures can be complicated. One lazy day while floating in the water, they came up with a business idea - offer a taste of their former home, the pulled pork sandwich, with all the traditional sides that can be served easily and on the go.

Put a little Taste of the South in Yo’ Mouth

JB’s Bar B Que opened its doors just recently, at the end of June, 2018. It has been successful from the start and people have been excited about this new, great flavor. Loving the island, Jan and Jon have been learning about the culture and the people every day since moving to Bonaire. Trying to be good citizens, it is important to them to appreciate and respect the island. That is why they choose to have all take away materials they use to be bio-degradable and compostable.

The pulled pork sandwich is juicy and the lightly smoked flavor combined with the herb and spice mixture is great, but with the sauce and fresh and crisp coleslaw, it is heaven for every pork lover.

Give them a try. They are open from Tuesday – Friday from 11 am – 3 pm. Located on the main, straight road to Sorobon, it is hard to overlook. On your left, you will see the pig smiling and the “Open” flag waving at you.


Kaya R. Statius Van Eps #15

Open: Tuesday - Friday 11am- 3pm

Phone: +599 787 20 32

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