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Pita Madre - Food Review

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In the last 10- 20 years, food trucks have become popular all around the world, but did you know that food trucks have been popular in the Dutch Caribbean islands for ages? The former truk’i pan (bread truck) historically only opened after 9 pm at night. The idea was that while most restaurants will close around 10 pm, for those who want a late-night bite after a night of partying and drinking, they can visit a truk’i pan instead. The name probably came from the fact that, back in the days, a truk’i pan only served soft-hotdog buns filled with grilled chicken, beef, or fish. Over the years, the food items evolved and other food trucks were added with different food and open during the daytime as well. Nowadays you can buy burgers, fresh fish, salads and … pitas!

Pita Madre a small food truck, located at the HATO roundabout, serves a variety of pita sandwiches. You can’t miss it.


Marnix Maarsse, owner of Pita Madre, came to Bonaire 6 years ago. Marnix worked in hospitality all his life as a restaurant manager, bartender, cook or chef in the Netherlands. Friends who come to Bonaire regularly first told Marnix about the island. He came on vacation and enjoyed it. When his friends informed him about a job opportunity at Little Havana bar, which he knew and liked, he decided to move to the island and work at Havana for only half a year. But as you can guess, he didn’t leave after half a year and started his own business instead.

When you meet Marnix, you will understand that hospitality is the right profession for him. Always a smile, a joke and even a good listener, you always feel welcome around him. Working at one of the hot spots in Bonaire’s nightlife, Marnix became one of the most popular and well-known bartenders on the island. A passionate cook, he started to miss cooking after working in a bar for 3 ½ years. While he decided to stay on the island, he also wanted to start his own business.

Marnix was able to take over a small food truck and was approved for his permits. Then his business became reality and Pita Madre was born in August, 2021.

Pita Madre

With many food trucks on the island selling BBQ, burgers and fresh fish, Marnix chose pita sandwiches and special French fries to add something new to the mix.

Pita Madre is open from Tuesday through Saturday from 11:30 am – 4 pm and is situated right at the Hato roundabout.

The small menu offers a variety of flavors, all with homemade sauces, on freshly toasted pita bread. And don’t forget the special French fries!

Chicken satay

Dutch people love Indonesian food and, for that reason, a chicken satay pita with homemade peanut sauce, atjar tjampoer (Indonesian pickles), crispy fried onions and krupuk is a must.

Our personal favorite is Pita Madre Style

Greek style chicken gyros, with homemade tzatziki (yoghurt, garlic sauce), homemade chili sauce and fresh greens

For the vegetarian you have Feel the Beet

A freshly toasted pita prepared with beet root hummus, goat cheese, honey walnuts and fresh greens

Special French fries

Remember to try one of the special French fries with homemade sauces, like truffle or Jalapeno mayo. The French fries are extra crispy and golden brown.

When you are a sauce fan like us, you have the option to add extra sauce on your pita or French fries.


You can also find the food truck at special events like last month’s Lemonade. You can hire the Pita Madre food truck and Marnix for your private event catering, perhaps a birthday or wedding at your own location. Contact Marnix using the info below.


Pita Madre

Open Tuesday – Saturday 11:30 am – 4 pm

Kaya Gob. N. Debrot Roundabout

+599 700 0819

Facebook & IG Pita Madre

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