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Xp Bonaire Feature Story - UNITED WE STAND - Support Local Entrepreneurs and Efforts - ARTS & CRAFTS

A full-time mother of a 2-year-old, cute as can be, son, Paulien has been creative all of her life and whenever she finds some time, she is working on creating one of her beautiful pieces.

Paulien, a 10-year resident on the island, crafts with products from nature, gifted from the sea or "trash" into which she breathes a second life through her creative mind.

You will mostly find the colors of the island in her work, blue, turquoise, teal and the natural colors of driftwood form the basis of her work, combined with a touch of gold or sometimes a little pink, a real “Paulien” is created.

She handcrafts turtles and starfish from recycled and crushed glass, processed on driftwood (for sale at Ocean Oasis), lamps from old beer kegs, wall accessories and key rings from whatever washes ashore. Large wall objects (hearts) from driftwood sticks are made by Paulien searching and collecting cubic meters of wood and trash on the island’s east coast and selecting the right piece for each of her creations.

Paulien’s focus is now on big, bigger, biggest! Big not only in size, but also in challenge. Breathing new life into an existing, but outdated, object is a wonderfully creative process. So if you have a challenge, don't hesitate to contact her.

Her Motto: “Every space, room, office, porch or table can use a touch of “Paulien”. Check her out!


Instagram: bypaulien

Facebook: paulienknip

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