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Open House Washington Slagbaai National Park

Press Release STINAPA

On Sunday 1st of July, the yearly Open House at the Washington Slagbaai National Park took place.

Unfortunately, it was a morning with heavy rainfall and cars were not allowed in the park in the afternoon because of washed out roads. Nevertheless, the entrance of the park stayed open and the atmosphere was great. People could visit the museum, the shark room and an art exhibition, and they enjoyed delicious local food and live unplugged music. A demonstration was given by Ms. Adelfa Sint Jago about how it used to be at the beginning of the last century. Kids had fun in the kids corner where they made some painting and had their face beautifully painted by Selimah Agostien en Mimi van Dongen. Of course it was very difficult for the kids to resist the rain and all the water pools; they were dancing in the rain. Hopefully the park will be green again and the kibrahacha will blossom in a few days!

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