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Office Belastingdienst/Douane Bonaire temporarily closed

Press Release RCN

The office of the Belastingdienst/Douane (Customs) on Bonaire is temporarily closed to the public from March 8 till March 29, due to the sharp increase of covid cases on the island. The port Customs office on Bonaire will remain open.

Fast customer service

In order to serve customers fast and better, the Belastingdienst stays accessible via:

You can go to this email address with any questions you would have liked to visit the counter of the Belastingdienst with, such as:

· Questions about all types of declarations;

· Requests, such as: DIGI-D, Crib number, income statements, legal aid statement, payment arrangement and deferment of payment;

· Changes, such as: reporting a change of bank account number and / or change of address;

· For all your Customs questions.

The Belastingdienst kindly requests customers to choose one contact channel. So either send an email or call. It is not necessary to use different contact channels at the same time. Customers will be helped at once by email or on the phone.

Submitting tax returns online Residents and companies can easily, safely and quickly submit their tax returns for ABB, LH and the Verzamelloonstaat (Collective Wage Sheet) online to the Belastingdienst. If they need additional help logging in, the helpdesk will be happy to help. The e-mail address remains available for this purpose; only for questions related to ICT and online returns.

Physical submission

For the physical submission of documents, one can also deposit them on Bonaire in the letterbox next to the main entrance of the office of the Belastingdienst. You will receive a confirmation email of the submitted

documents with a stamp from the Belastingdienst as soon as possible. If BCN has not registered anyone's e-mail address in the system, the documents will be sent by post.

It is also possible to scan the tax return and email it to Submitting tax returns online via the website is much faster.

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