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Number Ten

Xp Bonaire Feature Story

Many of us heard about Number 10 coming to Bonaire from our sister island, Curacao, way ahead of its opening in February 2023. Positive reactions about the breakfast and lunch concept came from those who visited the Curacao location and now, a few months in, Bonaire has embraced Number Ten on Bonaire.

When entering the restaurant, you immediately see and feel the difference from any other breakfast and lunch café. The detailing of the interior, from the coffee cup to the antique buffet cabinet and exposed stone walls, shows the love and passion that the family poured into their business.

Every family member brought in their specific know-how and talent, from architect and yoga teacher Liberty, Apple IT and sales specialist Christopher, cook Donovan to Daphne and Robert, owners of Caribbean Cargo services.

Number Ten on Curacao started with the idea of a health center with a small and simple café. The small cafe grew from 34 seats in 2017 to over 130 seats today. The small café became a passion project with the whole family involved, even Christopher who was living in Canada with a successful career, came back to the islands to be part of the family business and their mother, Daphne, could not have been happier than to have her whole family united in 2018.

Growing up with traditional family Sundays, this family appreciates and loves spending time together and understands how to create that warm family atmosphere in their businesses too.

Number Ten Bonaire

Number 10 Bonaire is located on the main shopping street, Kaya Grandi #7, in downtown Kralendijk. The historic building owned by Charlotte Beukenboom is a building rich in history and memories, not only to the family Beukenboom, but also to the island Bonaire. The dream to restore the historic building to its former glory came true when the two Antillean families came together.

The exposed stone walls and open ceilings showcase the historic architecture. The labyrinth of small rooms and spaces is embraced in such a loving way as only a true Antillean family can. The restauration work is beautiful. Many of the interior pieces are owned by the family and carry many of their memories. Wherever you turn you feel the warm hug of grandma or mom serving you your favorite food and drinks.


From a double shot espresso, cold brew, leaf tea, matcha and chai latte to fresh juices, you find your favorite beverage on the menu.

Granola and yoghurt, waffles with Nutella, salmon bagel, avocado smash with bacon and egg, it’s hard to make a choice.

For lunch a sliced tenderloin with truffle mayo sandwich, quesadilla, chicken wrap or a Caesar salad sounds delicious too.

Besides the menu you can find changing specials. The tasteful plating showcases the quality of the product and leaves you with the feeling you got that extra scoop because they know it’s your favorite meal.

While the family has learned from all the trial and errors in their first restaurant, every location is unique. Stable quality in food, drink and service is the most important. Still new on the island, Number Ten continues to work on, and add, new menu items and specials.

Number Ten at Night

A special night every now and then is planned to serve a Number Ten dinner experience. Visit their IG or Facebook page for any updates!


Number Ten Bonaire


Opening Hours: Mo – Fri 7:30 am – 3 pm

Phone: +5997005544

Facebook & IG Number Ten Bonaire

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