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New trash/recycle bins to be placed along the waterfront

Press Release A Plastic Free Bonaire

A Plastic Free Bonaire (NGO) is launching a project to place 8 trash/recycle bins along the ocean side walk in Kralendijk.

The NGO is pleased to join with the support of Selibon and with the approval of the Executive Council in a collaborative effort to reduce trash on the streets in Kralendijk and in the ocean. The project is scheduled to be completed by March 1st 2020. The new trash/recycle bins are designed for users to help separate glass and plastic bottles into separate containers for Selibon to pickup so that it may be recycled.

A photo competition titled “Help Keep Bonaire Beautiful” is scheduled for the month of January 2020. The top eight photos selected will help enhance the visual appearance of the trash/recycle bins. Local residence are encouraged to submit their photo showing the culture and nature of Bonaire. A cash prize will be given to one person that is randomly selected from the eight winning photos. Bonaire schools are also encouraged to join in the competition.

About Selibon NV

Selibon NV is responsible for the implementation of waste management within the public institution of Bonaire and is the only company designated by the government for the collection, treatment and processing of waste.

About A Plastic Free Bonaire Stichting

A Plastic Free Bonaire is a registered NGO that actively shares a passion for the well being of Bonaire and the environment. ### CONTACT INFORMATION Selibon Kaya Grandi 2, Kralendijk, Bonaire Tel : (+599) 717 8159 Follow on Facebook A Plastic Free Bonaire Follow on Facebook and Instagram

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This is a wonderful effort by the municipal corporation of placing the trash bins outside the waterfront as now people will throw the trash into the bins and not into the water. Also, need some help to sell junk car, any ideas?

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