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Much interest in new subsidy round ‘Kansen voor alle kinderen’ (Opportunities for all children)

Press Release RCN

Representatives of approximately 12 social organizations have attended an information meeting of ‘Kansen voor alle Kinderen’ on Monday march 25th. Social organizations in the Caribbean Netherlands can hand in their plans for applications again from April 29th to May 13th.

This is the third consecutive year that subsidy may be requested. The meeting took place at Courtyard by Marriott on Bonaire. The attendees got, amongst others, explanation of how the subsidy must be requested, what the subsidy scheme is intended for and what is involved in the accountability. The subsidy is intended for specific facilities in kind, so that children can join in the social field and in the field of culture, sports and school. For example, offering healthy food, or after school activities for children whose parents aren’t able to pay for it.

Who is eligible?

Organizations that have good plans to help children, can apply for subsidy. This applies for non-profit organizations with a legal personality, such as schools, foundations, churches and associations. The plans are reviewed on a first come, first served basis. If a plan is approved, an organization can receive funding. A total of € 1.000.000 is available: € 550,000 for Bonaire, € 250,000 for St. Eustatius and € 200,000 for Saba. Over the past two years, schools and foundations received money to help children from families that have less to spend, with a healthy school breakfast, to compensate for swimming lessons or by giving them the chance to play sports or music. Last year there were nineteen projects approved on Bonaire. Saba could execute eight projects and nine projects could be executed on Statia.

Saba and St. Eustatius

On Saba and Sint Eustatius almost all organizations that received subsidy, were visited. Discussions took place with them about the progress of the current projects and how to help them account for the grant. Information has also been given about the period that will open on April 29th. On Bonaire an information meeting was organized for all organizations, due to the large number of projects that receive funding through ‘Kansen voor alle Kinderen’.

Future of the system

The application period that opens on April 29th 2019, is the final period that is opened up. Starting from 2020 the subsidy system is embedded in the program BES(t) 4 Kids. This program aims at improving the quality and (financial) accessibility of child care (before and after school facilities) in the Caribbean Netherlands. This means that the financial resources remain structurally available for children growing up in the Caribbean Netherlands.

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