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Moving Forward

“If I can do it, you can do it “

- Aishel Granviel -

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Are you overwhelmed by choices? Do you have goals you want to achieve, but do not have a clue how to accomplish them? Do you feel that you are stuck? Do you want to know what your talents are and where you can best use them? Moving Forward might offer the solution.

Moving Forward does not believe in "unmediated (un-hirable)" people. Everyone wants to contribute, but not everyone knows how. Founded by Aishel Granviel, Moving Forward works to help these individuals find their place in society by focusing on their personal development.

Today the business remains small, but is constantly working on developing new methods that can lead to better results.

Founder Aishel Granviel

Aishel Granviel was born and raised on Curaçao. In 1985, she left for the Netherlands with only one goal in mind: a better future for herself and her daughter. Determined to achieve her goal, she worked during the day and studied in the evening. During her time in the Netherlands, she gained experience in various companies such as UWV, PTT (nowadays PostNL) and KPN. She always started at the bottom, but with her will and drive to learn, she always managed to obtain the position she was looking for.

After living in the Netherlands for over 20 years, Aishel migrated back to Curaçao. She had to start all over again, but she knew what she wanted to do on the island where she was born - to narrow the gap between the labor market and the "less mediated". That is how Moving Forward came about.

Aishel believes that everyone can find his/her place in society with the right guidance. People who have worked with her describe Aishel as loyal, honest, strong and above all, passionate. People are central to her. This is reflected in the work she has done with love for more than 10 years. She does not stand still. She is constantly discovering new methodologies that can lead to better results for her customers.

As a certified speaker coach and trainer with the John Maxwell team she has the tools, training and experience to get you and your team from point A to point B and beyond. With dedication and passion she gives her training presentations and coaches those who need it. She hopes to inspire and motivate others with her personal experiences.

Because if she can do it, everyone can do it!

Moving Forward

Moving Forward is a training and coaching agency that focuses on personal and career development. Aishel is convinced that every organization and individual has their own vision of an ideal job. It is the goal of Moving Forward to develop the knowledge, skills and correct attitude to realize this vision. It offers an extensive range of training, coaching and seminars that should lead to personal development with a positive result.

Improve personal effectiveness

Moving Forward helps customers take on responsibility, set priorities, understand their own behavior, gain self-confidence and respect, and make the right choices for the desired result.


Re-integration to the labor market with Moving Forward consists of a combination of professional coaching and training. In the training sessions, assignments are given in class or independently. All aspects that are important come up one by one. The coach provides immediate feedback, thinks along with and advises the participant. This combination of coaching and training has been an effective method for teaching knowledge and skills for 10 years. Candidates benefit greatly from this.

Personal contact

Personal contact remains the foundation of Moving Forward. The program supports participants throughout the entire process. By meeting personally several times, the candidates remain motivated and active.

Here are some of Moving Forwards Training possibilities:


 Communication skills (listening, body language, feedback, verbal and nonverbal)

 Self esteem

 Assertiveness

 Dealing with emotions/ Dealing with stress

 Conflict management

 Customer Service

 Budgeting

 Giving and receiving feedback

 Standards and values

 Integrity

 Work attitude

 Supervisory skills

 How to become a leader

Moving Forward wants to get the best out of its participants. All they need is a person’s will power to develop themselves.

Feel free to contact Moving Forward for the best solution for you.


Moving Forward

Aishel Granviel, Managing Director


Curaçao (599-9) 5115872

Bonaire (599-7) 9 52563



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