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Looming strike Fundashon Mariadal in violation of the law

Press Release RCN

The head of the RCN unit SZW, Eric Brakke, has just forbidden the looming strike at the Fundashon Mariadal, on behalf of the Minister of Social Affairs and Labor.

The (looming) strike is in violation of the “Arbeidsgeschillenwet BES” (BES Labor Disputes Act), which stipulates that in cases such as this, the intervention of the mediator must be invoked. In this case, SZW has the task of verifying whether the parties comply with the law and, if necessary, act immediately.

Signals of dissatisfaction among the staff must of course be taken seriously and must be discussed. It is precisely the mediator's commitment that provides for this. The mediator, Mr. Pontilius, has indicated that he will not be available on short term and that his deputy in Aruba, Mrs. Tromp, is prepared to replace him. The acting Kingdom Representative be able to appoint her for this directly.

Fundashon Mariadal is the only hospital on Bonaire. Especially now that the threatening strike is not announced in time, it is completely unclear what the consequences are for the continuity of the necessary medical care.

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