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Let your Skin Shine!

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These healthy skin tips can help you save money on expensive remedies and make sure your skin stays beautiful and healthy. You only have one skin, so be careful and gentle with it. By doing these things on a regular basis, you can give your skin a real boost!

1. SPF

You probably already know this, but we can’t forget it as we are in the sun everyday here on Bonaire. Use a sun protective cream instead of a regular day cream during your morning facial routine or use a hydrating, light consistency day cream (milk, lotion, emulsion) and add a sun protection on top. If you prefer a day cream only, pick one with an SPF of at least 30.

2. Lemon & Beetroot

These foods are beneficial when it comes to skin care. Lemon is good for the skin because it is full of Vitamin C and has a detoxing effect. Beetroot stimulates your lymphatic system and ensures that your skin gets rid of all its impurities. Make it routine to drink hot lemon in the morning before you drink anything else. In case you have a sweet tooth, add a little bit of honey.

3. Sleep

If you don’t get enough sleep or sleep restlessly, your skin becomes out of balance and you're more likely to experience impurities, pimples and wrinkles. Make sure you have a “bedtime routine” during the week so that you get enough sleep. Also change your pillowcase at least once a week for clean skin.

4. Clean your skin before bedtime

Wash your face every night before going to bed to get rid of dust, oils and dirt. Take your make-up off! When you use make up, use a make-up remover followed by a facial cleanser or use your cleanser twice. After cleaning, don’t forget to hydrate your skin again with your moisturizer.

5. H2O

Be sure to stay hydrated from the inside out! Drink enough water and eat enough fruits and veggies because they contain lots of water. This will also help prevent blackheads.

6. Shower

A warm shower feels wonderful, but if it is too hot, it is not good for your skin. The hot water strips the good oils from your skin so that it becomes very dry. You want to avoid dry skin, because it will cause wrinkles faster.

7. Facials

Give yourself a facial massage on a regular basis, while watching your favorite movie or TV series. Do this for a few minutes with some gentle oil. Make sure your hands are clean and perhaps use a nice mask afterwards.

It is very important get a facial treatment once every 6 till 8 weeks at your favorite salon. Make sure your skin is clean, pampered and it gives you “me-time”.

Now you are ready to let that skin of yours shine!

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