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Lemonade Events

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In Bonaire's world of events and parties, one name stands out: Lemonade. This unique concept is the brainchild of Goos, an entrepreneur who turned his passion for music and events into a remarkable success story. From his early days as a DJ in the Netherlands to his inspiring journey to Bonaire, where tranquility, freedom, and creativity merge, Goos has established a new kind of event that brings people of all ages together.


Goos’s fascination with music began at a young age, and by the time he was 13, he started performing and quickly he became a well-known figure in the events and club scene. However, it was during a stay on Bonaire, after an inspiring trip, that he had a revelation. The island's peace and freedom made him realize that his true calling lay beyond the Netherlands. While in the Netherlands, he had been involved in advertising, festivals, and the beverage industry, but during the lockdown this became impossible, and he yearned for something more meaningful.


In November 2020, Goos decided to introduce his musical talents and event enthusiasm to Bonaire. Initially performing as a DJ and working behind the bar at various locations, he later opened the restaurant Hofi with two partners. However, after six months, he felt the pull of his true passion: music and events. Thus, the idea of Lemonade Events was born. Although the concept was initially created in the Netherlands, it evolved into something unique on the island—a celebration of music, diversity, and a fantastic atmosphere that united people of all ages and backgrounds. With a target audience of 21-plus, Lemonade aimed to attract a diverse mix of partygoers.

At Lemonade Events, the ambiance is perfected with a mix of R&B, reggaeton, and the best music from the '80s and '90s, skillfully spun by Goos and his fellow DJs like DJ Orleus, DJ Si! and Chris Zweers. Complementing the music is a well-stocked bar offering cool beers, wines, and Goos's own creation: Lemonade Hard Seltzer. This vodka-based drink mixed with light mineral water serves as a base, and partygoers can add their own flavors for a unique experience.

The secret behind the success of Lemonade Events lies in its online marketing and personal and intimate approach. Goos values the freedom and creativity that Bonaire provides, enabling him to realize his ideas without being hindered by unnecessary rules and regulations. Collaborating with others, he joyfully organizes events, fostering a genuine sense of community.

After a successful first high season, Goos is excited about the future and dreams of taking Lemonade Events to other islands, where he can share his passion for music and events with even more people. Despite pursuing his own DJ career, he has gained the wisdom to keep it special and not overextend himself by performing everywhere on a weekly basis.

With Lemonade Events, Goos has written a new chapter in his adventurous life—one centered around music, togetherness, and entrepreneurship. In this chapter, freedom, creativity and music are the key ingredients for hosting successful events that leave a lasting impact on attendees.

Mark your calendar!

Mark your calendars for the upcoming Lemonade in the month of September , on the 9th at Zozo Ranch. Don't miss out on the chance to be part of this unique celebration of music and community on our beautiful island of Bonaire.

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