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Smoothies and juices are a great way to immediately boost your daily fruit and vitamin intake while enjoying a refreshing and delicious treat.

Since October, 2017, you have been able to find the juice and smoothie stand, ”Smooth Operator”, in front of the Warehouse supermarket on Saturday mornings.

Bas van den Hee, owner of Smooth Operators, is a true entrepreneur at heart. There is not much he hasn’t tried. Right from the beginning, when he first started to work, he has taken on challenges with enthusiasm and turned them into new opportunities.

Back in the Netherlands, Bas had his own barbershop. He crossed England, traveler style, with a group of mobile food stands and worked for 12 years for the Ministry of Justice. He started out in transportation and as a special assistant in youth services. Work in youth services inspired him to study teaching.

From early on, Bas knew he wouldn’t remain in the Netherlands. When an opportunity arose in 2012 to move to Bonaire, he came to the island to manage a new business, the electrical tuk tuk’s. Besides managing the TukTuks, he also worked for 4 years at the Ministry of Justice for youth services in the prison. After working with the local youth and seeing their potential, Bas hopes his new business will grow in such a way that he will be able to involve some of them. When Bas decided to start his new business, he stopped working for the prison, but hopes to stay involved in some of the projects like the beach tennis tournaments he co-organized.

Smooth Operators

You can find Smooth Operators in front of Warehouse on Saturdays, at the Cruise Market, Taste of Bonaire, private events, public events and from Wednesday to Friday at Kaya Gilberto F Croes 28, opposite Bay West. Starting at noon, with easy parking available, just look for the Smooth Operators Card sign.

Bas offers homemade juices and smoothies. With approximately 7 different fruits available, you can make your own creation or let him decide for you. Drinks start at US $3 for a cup of refreshing, juicy, healthy goodness.

You can also book Smooth Operators for a private event when they also offer their cocktail bar services. All cups and straws used by Smooth Operator are bio–degradable. Find out more about them on their Facebook Page: Smoothy Bar Bonaire or Smooth Operators.


Kaya Gilberto F Croes 28

Phone +599 777 2525

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