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Islander Bonaire

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

XpBonaire IslandLife Feature Story

At the end of November, 2017, Islander Bonaire opened its doors. The design and layout of the new venue was surprising and a complete change from the old and well known bar and restaurant, City Café. Even though many had to get used to the big change, others embraced Islander as an airy, spacious and modern place with many new things to offer.

After a year with adjustments and the ongoing development of the location, the beginning of 2019 will be the time that Islander introduces some changes. With an experienced chef and a talented and creative pastry chef, Islander will bring some new and exciting creations to their menu.

The general manager, Don, and manager, Gyselle Visser Craane, are the team in charge of running Islander 7 days a week from 8 am in the morning until +/- 1 am at night.


Gyselle is the wife of owner, Karel, and daytime manager at Islander. Bonaire has always been important in Gyselle’s life. Her father is Bonairean and from ages 2 until 7 she lived on Bonaire and attended school here. Then she moved to the Netherlands. Because most of her family lived on Bonaire, she visited the island yearly on her vacations.

When studying nursing, she decided to do her internship at the hospital on Bonaire. It was then that she again met her childhood and family friend, Karel. The two became a couple and after completing her diplomas in the Netherlands, she moved to Bonaire.

Gyselle always wanted to live on Bonaire and loves the outdoor life. She started to work as a nurse at the hospital and soon became pregnant with her first son. While on maternity leave, she became restless and wanted something to do besides being a mum and so started working at Karels in the bar and restaurant business. She always enjoyed the work as it brought variety to her life and was never boring. Gyselle also learned to appreciate traditional family values. Growing up with a single mother, she was not accustomed to traditional family life. By seeing her in-laws, she learned to appreciate the family bond and was happy to say yes when Karel asked her to become his wife. Gyselle is now mother to 2 sons and is happy to co-manage Islander with Don and still be able to get a good night sleep.


Now, as early as 8 am in the morning, you can enjoy a view of the Caribbean Sea at this unique location downtown on the oceanfront boulevard. Breakfast will start around 8 am and runs until 11 – 11:30 am

At lunchtime you can order from the lunch or dinner menu, depending on your appetite and taste. Lunch starts at 11:30 until 4 pm.

The daily happy hour is from 5 to 7 pm with reduced prices on a variety of drinks and complimentary changing snacks to accompany your cold drink.

The kitchen is open for dinner daily until 10 pm, offering a regular menu, an affordable barhap and a sushi menu.

Islander is already working on menu changes and has begun to slowly introduce their new ideas.

The new menu will not only offer the classics that everyone loves - pastas, fresh catch, hamburgers and Caesar salad, but also some local specialties and vegan and gluten free options. The chef prides himself in preparing everything fresh, from freshly baked bread to sauces and dressings.

High Tea by Sweeti Pastry

Once a month, with reservation only, you and your friends or family can enjoy a fun get together in style.

While drinking your tea and mimosa, you can enjoy the sweet and savory small bites prepared by the in-house pastry chef and catch up with your friends. The tasteful table setting will have special teas of your choice, unlimited ice tea, and anything else you desire. It is a great way to make your time together special. It also gives you the chance to taste Sweeti Pastry treats that you can buy, order and find on the dessert menu of Islander.

Thursday Sushi Night

You can eat sushi every night of the week at Islander. They offer a special sushi menu with sushis, sashimis, tempuras and more. But for the real sushi lover, there is a special sushi option on Thursdays with weekly changing sushi specials . In the near future, you will be able to order mix platters so you can have a taste of many of the menu items.

Sunday tapas night

Sunday is the day that most residents on the island like to relax on the beach, enjoy drinks with friends and family and eat together. A perfect night to enjoy tapas and a glass of Sangria.

The chef, who specializes in preparing tapas, is offering a big variety of tasty tapas.

For 45 dollars, you can choose 10 items from the tapas menu to share along with 2 glasses of Sangria. You can sit at a table, in the lounge area or at the bar, anywhere you feel most comfortable, enjoying all the different flavors while continuing to enjoy quality time with your friends or family.

Keep an eye on the updates and the changes to come on Facebook.

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