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Island Time Bonaire

We sometimes need to be reminded of the special quality of life we have here on Bonaire. For most people, living on a Caribbean Island remains a lifelong dream never to be realized. Surrounded by the calming turquoise sea; our special landscape so rough and beautiful; the colorful cocktail of cultures and nationalities with its friendly, warm and welcoming people; Bonaire is special in every way. Island - Time Vacation Rentals has made it their priority to ensure their guests have the time of their lives when they come to visit Bonaire and enjoy the island in all its beauty.

Island Time - Vacation Rentals

Island Time - Vacation Rentals is a family business, owned by Rob and Lolymar Sanchez van den Berge, both longtime Bonaire residents. Managed bij Kristen and Dennis, they love to share this wonderful island with visitors and take care of everything during their guests’ stay. The properties that are under their care are handled as if they were their own.

Island Time operates from the El Pueblo offices and has 10 villas and condos in their portfolio with 4 more under construction and almost completed. All of the vacation rentals meet the high quality standards they want for their guests. The villas and condos are ocean front/view, with a pool, a tropical garden and a modern and welcoming interior.

Island Time Vacation Rentals has slowly evolved into what it is today, a company that actually cares about their guests, who are guaranteed the best time, and the owners, whose properties receive great care.

In the middle of 2017, Island Time decided to grow their portfolio and took on Dennis as support for Kristen in their management and care services. Kristen and Dennis are a team and they complement each other’s strengths perfectly. The 24/7 service they provide to their guests needs to be well organized and the visitor needs to feel welcomed at home as if a friend.

The properties are well taken care of, taking both the owners wishes and guests experience into account and ensuring high standards for their guests.

Providing their guests with all the comforts, information and arrangements they might need is part of Island Time’s services. Strong partnerships ensure their guests get great discounts on car rentals and activities. The personal attention and family vibe make this team special in their field.

For 2018, Kristen and Dennis are planning to put some unique group retreats and packages together in order to offer their guests an even more carefree and fun stay on the island.

Your second home

Island Time - Vacation Rentals would like to expand their portfolio, perhaps with your house. As we all know very well, here on the island houses need a lot of care. In case you are looking for great management and care for your property, you are more than welcome to contact Kristen or Dennis to have a look at your villa or condo and even provide you with suggestions on how to upgrade your house. The management and care agreements are customized according to the owner’s wishes and will be handled with the utmost respect.

The Team

Kristen, who was born and raised in Northern Ireland, studied English Literature in Scotland. Loving the heat and sun, she took teacher training courses and travelled to Mexico to work as an English teacher. When visiting Caribbean islands in 2012, Kristen fell in love with Bonaire and has lived on the island ever since. While she was attending Lolymar’s Yogarriba classes they clicked and her relationship with the owners slowly evolved from small projects into managing Island Time.

Dennis, who joined the team mid-2017, came to the island at the end of 2015. Not sure about what work he would really love, Dennis started, as many do, in the hospitality industry. Taking care of people and communicating with his guests is something he has always enjoyed and is probably the reason why his past flight attendant work was one of the jobs he excelled at. After living on the island for some time, Dennis hoped and looked for work in the vacation rental field. Then his path crossed Kristen’s who was looking for some additional support for the growing business.

After an intense 2 week training, Dennis was ready to begin work and it became clear that they would need him full time in order to guarantee the same quality of service to both guests and owners in the future.

Take a look at their properties. Then meet Kristen and Dennis to see if you are a fit for a great stay on the island or as the care takers of your second home.


Dennis: +599 782 96 91

Kristen: +599 782 52 30,

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