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Get Down to Business - Rene Sedney

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Rene Sedney is a motivated man, ready to give back to the development of Bonaire. He studied computer engineering in the United States at the Florida Institute of Technology, and Human ecology in Belgium.

As an entrepreneur, he is co-owner and co-funeral director at Consuelo Memorial funeral home and crematorium, partner at the United Smart Solutions (sales, support and maintenance for second-tier ERP back-office and/or front office solutions), and a technical officer at Blueback in charge of technical operations for the total ERP solution Odoo.


Rene Sedney was only 5 years old when his family moved from Curaçao to give life on Bonaire a try. After his parents separated, he, along with his mother, his grandmother and 2 siblings, stayed on the island and shared a “kunuku” with a family that had 10 children—the most beautiful time of his life! When she was strong enough, the family moved first in Den Tera, then Antriol and Amboina. His mother, an entrepreneur, sometimes worked 3 jobs to make ends meet. Rene and his siblings learned early on how important it is to work hard for what you need and want.


Rene has been married for more than 20 years and is the father of a 24 year old son and a 17 year old daughter. He met his wife when he was studying computer engineering in the United States at the Florida Institute of Technology. He continued his studies in Belgium in both human ecology and environmental science.

Rene enjoyed his life in Belgium where he worked as a computer specialist teaching at the International School of Brussels. His wife worked there at the EFTA Surveillance Authorities (ESA), in the heart of the European Union with close ties to the European Commission, European Parliament, European Council, European Free Trade Association. Ever since being in Europe, his wish was to return as soon as possible to contribute to the development of Bonaire. So in 2001, he and his family decided to return to the island.

Seize Opportunities

The move to Bonaire was not easy, as he had to look for work and it was hard to find the right job at the salary he deserved. At first he started to work at Jong Bonaire, teaching web design, music, theater, video editing, and counseling teens in homework and general affairs. He was asked to solve some technology issues at the hospital and afterwards he was offered a job at Fundashon Mariadal handling all the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) for the institution. Later his expertise was needed at the ING bank for IT security and at UTS for service & market development and later on as a pricing specialist in Curaçao. In 2013, he again returned to work at Fundashon Mariadal as a project manager and the last year as an enterprise technical information architect.

Right now Rene and his brother are busy in planning the development of two gated communities on Bonaire; one for young professionals and one for senior citizens.

Live by example

As a responsible father and husband, Rene always looked for new opportunities to provide for his family. Together with his wife, he made sure that his children had a safe and balanced home life, with enough motivation and inspiration to work on their own goals. With a calm and reasonable approach, they lived their life as an example for their children who will soon be off to further their studies and begin their own lives. He is thankful that he and his wife created a stable union for their children and chose different ways to tackle the obstacles in life in order to show the children their own possibilities.

His experience in different fields has made him aware of the many economic deficiencies on the island as well as new business opportunities. His experience in the United States and Europe made him aware of the many possibilities that exist and could be developed to bring prosperity to the people and the island.

A new path

In December of last year, 2018, he was approached by the Green Party (UPB: Union Patriotiko Boneriano). They appreciate his knowledge of ICT, his entrepreneurial spirit and his integrity. After some consideration, Rene decided to join the party and become a candidate in the elections being held this year on the 20th of March.

When you want to bring about the change you wish, in Rene’s opinion, becoming an active participant in the development on the island is the way to go. Rene’s vision is to bring back unity and pride, create new opportunities and educate the next generations in modern technology in order to be able to compete on the international market. Rene is positive about his party’s future because of its strong leadership team, a mix of the young and older generations to bring stability, knowledge, experience, energy and motivation to the table.

Make it work

Being a self-made man and a successful entrepreneur, he knows how important it is not to miss opportunities and have the ability to act fast. He would like to help speed up processes, negotiate for the best solutions and always keep in mind that you have to compromise to achieve your goals.

His personal focus includes:

- Education: at an early age, begin to teach children different languages, modern technology and a broad variety of fields

- Re-organize the governmental data systems to work with fast, accessible, and factual numbers and information

- Stimulate a sustainable economy and job opportunities

- Fight poverty

- Boost tourism

- Lobby for Bonaire

- Communicate with the public

- Develop new sustainable businesses

In all of these fields, Rene feels he can contribute his knowledge and his business skills to better the life of the people and bring well-paid jobs the island.

To create a better future for Bonaire, Rene finds it important to learn from each other, respect each other and unite to negotiate the best for all people in a cost-benefit approach. Rene would like to see people say good bye to the “poverty” mindset and welcome abundance into their lives, be proud Bonaireans, work hard, never give up, be thankful for what is and welcome what is still to come.

Non-Affiliation Disclaimer

We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way connected with any Political Party on Bonaire or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates.

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