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Enjoy the Caribbean Sea

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

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On Bonaire we are fortunate enough to be surrounded by the turquoise essence of life. The crystal clear Caribbean Sea, the sound and movement of the waves and the light breeze are calming and let’s you forget about reality, at least for a little while. Enjoying these moments with your friends or family is the ultimate Caribbean experience.

Melisa Sailing

Captain Ernst and his crew welcome you aboard the Turkish gullet schooner. The beautiful sailing vessel is one of its kind on Bonaire and is the perfect choice to get a great view of the island and the smooth waves will lull you in, promise.

The Captain, crew and the chef will complete the ultimate Caribbean experience with their great service and excellent food, freshly prepared aboard. All of your senses will jump for joy.

Sailing trips are relaxing not only for a Bonaire visitor, but also for residents who will feel as if they are on a short vacation.

The culinary sailing trip includes a six-course chef's supper at sea with different Caribbean flavors and fresh local ingredients, $70 pp (excl. drinks), residents with Sedula $55 pp (excl. drinks) on Fridays and Saturdays, 5pm -8:30 pm.

Tip: the culinary sailing trips are an excellent present for your loved ones, get a Gift Voucher!

Christmas Trips

Christmas chef's six-course Lobster/Lamb tasting menu $90,- (excl. drinks)

Residents with Sedula $75,- (excl. drinks) 5 pm – 8:30 pm

New Year's Eve Lounge on Melisa.

Culinary finger foods

All-inclusive Luxury bubbles package $90pp.

All-inclusive Premium Champagne package $125pp

9 pm - 1 am


Melisa is docked at Harbour Village Marina.

Phone/WhatsApp +599 7007070

Facebook: Melisa Sailing

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