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Echo needs your help, planting trees

Echo is planting out native trees to rehabilitate and restore the dry forest ecosystem of Bonaire and to help the native birds and animals, like the Lora (the Yellow-shouldered Amazon Parrot), to have more food and a better place to live.

There is a site with a unique canyon and part of a large watershed called Roi Sango, which is an important natural heritage site and recognized for its biodiversity. It’s also an Important Bird Area with confirmed nests of the Yellow-Shouldered Amazon parrot and Barn Owls. The area consists of a still relatively undisturbed dry forest habitat. Echo is protecting Roi Sango by creating an ‘herbivore exclusion area’ and planting native trees. This project was made possible with the contribution of the BEST 2.0 Programme funded by the European Union.

Echo has fenced off 26 hectares of the Roi Sango valley and prepared holes for trees to be planted.

On January 13th, Echo needs your help to plant 800 rare native trees into this area. The tree planting day will happen from 8am until 12 pm. The Roi Sango exclusion area is located near the Alta Mira Unjo view point in Rincon on the road to Karpata. We will meet at the beginning of the road to Alta Mira Unjo view around 8am.

If needed, please contact us for directions. You can call us on +599 701-1188.

What to bring & wear:

· Shoes for being outside and working in the field

· Sunscreen

· Water bottle

· Insect repellent

· Gardening gloves (optional)

· Gardening tools (optional)

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