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Press Release Unkobon

Consumers on Bonaire pay more attention to the price of products in supermarkets than they did a year ago. Fewer and fewer people are opting for expensive A-brands because B-brands (private labels) are often not inferior to A-brands in terms of quality, but they are much cheaper.

This is shown by an evaluation of the price comparator that consumer organizations Unkobon and FTpKB carry out on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs on a monthly basis. For two out of three consumers, the price comparator has had influenced their shopping choices.

The price comparator also influences the supply at supermarkets. More and more supermarkets now offer their customers the choice between A-brands and cheaper brands. The more they succeed in doing so, the higher they will be on the price comparator list. This ranking indicates the supermarket's score for the total basket of 60 frequently purchased products.

The price comparator enables consumers to see at a glance which supermarket is the cheapest for this total basket. This does not mean that this supermarket is the cheapest for all 60 products. Many price-conscious consumers therefore look at the detailed information per supermarket on the website

The evaluation shows that almost all consumers regularly visit more than one supermarket. Three quarters of consumers even visit three or more supermarkets regularly for their groceries.

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