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Domestic violence and child abuse - Topic: Shame

Press Release RCN & OLB

Information campaign on domestic violence and child abuse with shame as the topic

Domestic violence and child abuse occur everywhere, worldwide, and in all sorts of families. Tackling the situation in time can make a big difference. That is why a large-scale information campaign is being launched at the request of the Public Entity Bonaire.

From September onwards, the topic will be covered in various ways. The focus is on a short film following a family with two children. In a film of four parts, you are introduced to the problems that the family experiences and how their environment responds to them. Each and every one of them is a recognizable situation that anyone can find themselves in. Every month, a part of the film is posted on the various social media channels, after which the expressions of shame that are shown in the film are explored in more detail. The film was made by local actors and was completely produced on Bonaire.

Cooperation between all aid organizations

The Public Entity Bonaire has joined forces with the first and second line aid organizations to put attention on domestic violence and child abuse. This is a part of the 'Administrative Agreement Approach Domestic Violence and Child Abuse CN' signed by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and the Public Entities Prevention aimed at raising awareness and providing information on the subject is an important part of this.

The aid organizations involved are the Public Entity Bonaire, Sentro Akseso Boneiru, Care and Youth Caribbean Netherlands, Stichting Reclassering Caribisch Nederland, Mental Health Caribbean, Guardianship Council and Practice Support for General Practitioners. A working group has been established and is going public under the name “tei p'abo”.

Silvana Janga- Serfilia, Director Society and Care: ‘With the kick-off of the campaign, we will draw attention to a difficult subject. It is important to remove domestic violence and child abuse from the taboo sphere, and to pay attention to the shame that prevents people from breaking these patterns’.

Overcoming shame

Shame is a feeling that everyone knows. However, what shame can do to you, how it manifests itself, and how to break it is less known, especially in relation to violence within the family. For that reason, this topic was chosen. With this, "tei p'abo" wants to show victims and those involved in domestic violence and child abuse the way how they can ask for help, how help is achieved and how the environment can play a role in this.

With the aim of stopping situations that may lead to derailment in time. Efforts are also being made to strengthen the own strength of people who experience violence, so that they can take the step to bring change to an unhealthy situation.

The “tei p'abo” campaign will kick off in the first week of September. The information campaign can be followed for a year on the websites and and on the Facebook pages of Public Entity Bonaire and Rijksdienst Caribisch Nederland.

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