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Diving-, construction- and hospitality sector continue talking about their own safety

Press Release RCN

Since July 1st, 2019, the Occupational Safety Decree IV CN has been in force in the Caribbean Netherlands. This decree describes, among other things, rules on workplace safety for the diving sector, for working with asbestos and physical strain.

Both employer and employee have an interest in a safe and healthy workplace and are jointly responsible for this. Employers give clear instructions, create a safe working environment and ensure adequate rest. Employees work according to the instructions and take responsibility for their own health and safety and that of direct colleagues. The Labor Inspectorate supervises compliance with the laws and regulations in the field of healthy and safe working.

Employers from the diving industry, construction sector and the hospitality industry are invited to attend sector-specific meetings. The purpose for employers themselves is to define policies and rules within the standards established by the legislation.

The first two meetings in Bonaire took place at the beginning of September. Recently, a start was also made with the third series of meetings for the aforementioned sectors.

During these sessions, an examination will be made on whether the most important risks and measures have been included in the draft documents. The employers then discuss examples from the workplace to provide input for the definitive work procedures and protocols. This way, the final document is made as useful and applicable as possible.

A meeting for the diving sector in Bonaire took place on Friday 27th September. The next meetings for the hospitality- and construction sector in Bonaire will take place on Wednesday 9th and Thursday 10th of October respectively.

This month the first series of meetings will also start for the aforementioned sectors on the windward islands. For the diving sector in St. Eustatius this will be on Wednesday October 16th and for the construction and hospitality sectors, these will be held on Thursday October 17th. For Saba the date for all three sectors is Friday October 18th.

For more information on the time and location and to register, an e-mail can be sent to or you may call +599- 717-1820.

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