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The Diver's Guide wants to share every dive on Bonaire with the world. Especially with young people! All dive logs can be followed on tv-screens in a growing number of hotels and dive centers on the island, while the world is reading along on Divers Guide app. It works in Holland! Diver's Guide is on Bonaire until April 11th to get the platform up and running here as well.

The Diver's Guide is a big success in the Netherlands. The Diver's Guide consists of a free app and a website (NL / ENG) with very professional dive site information and hundreds of log messages from divers. The platform is adjustable to Bonaire, allowing users to only see the map and log messages from Bonaire.

Errol Vos and Jacco Rijstenbil from Divers Guide: "What works in Holland, can also work on Bonaire. It’s as simple as that.” What determines the success? “Our information makes the dive sites more accessible and inspires more and more young people to go diving. The information on Divers Guide is complete, up to date, interactive and professional. You'll always find what you're looking for and you can share your dives in a fun and interactive way.”

The underwater world made visible

Last November Divers Guide visited Bonaire for the first time to lay the foundation. Now they are back to work on the necessary infrastructure. What exactly is going to happen? "We are going to share all dive logs on our platform with diveschool and hotels on the island. Every dive on Bonaire should be visible on tv-screens in hotel rooms, hotel lobbies and dive centers. The rest of the world reads along on our free platform, making Bonaire top of mind among (young) divers and non-divers worldwide.”

Log messages on TV screens

What are this week's plans? "We are going to install the log messages on tv-screens at Stay and Dive Bonaire, Den Laman Condominiums and Delfins Beach Resort. Delfins will be the first where our log messages can also be read on tv’s in the hotel rooms. Hotel guests that log, can see their message on their tv right away. How interactive is that?”

Diver's guide wants to do business with as many dive centres and hotels as possible. "That's right. In addition to the log messages, we also provide the dive resorts with an interactive map of all dive sites on Bonaire and with their own pages on our platform. They also have the advantage that divers can log with the name of their facility, which appears as a link to their webpag. We leave at April 11th but we will be back this year to make the next step.”

More information:

Meet Divers guide at Stay and Dive Bonaire till April 11th.

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