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Celebration World Tourism Day

Press Release TCB

September 27th, the tourism industry celebrates World Tourism day with the theme Tourism and the digital transformation by the World Tourism Organization (UNTWO).

This is a day to reflect on the continuous progress of Bonaire’s Tourism Industry. This industry has an enormous impact on our daily life in view that it is so broad; from construction developments to our commitment to preserve and conserve our nature, culture and Historical resources. The different job opportunities (direct & indirect). Our Airline, Cruise, Hotel & Hospitality partners all influenced by digitalization.

Travelers today wish to spend their time differently, seeking out experiences rather than just places, while digitalization has transformed the decision making processes of travel just as the opportunities for tourism marketing. That is why it is of great significance that the theme of World Tourism Day is ‘Tourism and the Digital Transformation’. Alongside its challenges, it also provides new opportunities, the sector must put the changes and the accompanying trends and digital development to its own service. Every day in all areas of our lives, tourism included, we see and use technologies. We are at the beginning of a Fourth Industrial Revolution, a new era in which digitalization builds and impacts societies in new and often unanticipated ways.

“Within our own marketing and promotional approaches we have seen that we have moved from a more traditional way of marketing to a digital approach. Online platforms, website, social media, online banners, more use of video & pictures to the way we measure results of campaigns. Our way of communicating with our trade and partners. Everything evolving around a digital development that we need to keep evaluating to see how and in what way we can maximize the exposure of Bonaire Internationally. Which is a task that involves our industry partners and our community” said Marketing Manager of TCB, Ms. Malinda Hassell.

TCB would like to congratulate our tourism partners, stakeholders and those working in the tourism sector on this year’s World Tourism Day, for their continuous efforts dedication and devotion to our industry.

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