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Bonaire very proud for maintaining its Silver Quality Coast Award titl

Press Release TCB

The Silver Quality Coast Award is an award developed by the Coastal and Marine Union (EUCC). The aim of this initiative is to promote the sustainability of destinations. This must be achieved by developing a joint vision on the way in which the sustainability of destinations and developing processes and resources are considered. The development of processes and funds is also taken into consideration, in order to measure the sustainability of the destinations and to make it visible.

Tourism Corporation Bonaire together with the various stakeholders will now have certain assessment points to improve on. Bonaire has had very positive initiatives; however there is more room for improvement.

TCB was represented by mr. Ronald Vermeeren in September at the Quality coast award ceremony in Nijmegen. And on January 29th 2019 he officially presented TCB with the silver award and the flags and banners.

We want to congratulate all the stakeholders and Bonaire for winning this prestigious award!

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