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Bonaire Offroad Adventure Tours & Rento Fun Drive

Xp Bonaire Feature Story

Orlando, one of the OG’s

Orlando Francisca returned to Bonaire in 1994. Born on the island, when he was 5 years old, his parents decided to move to Curacao where the school education was still better at that time. Growing up, the crime rates on Curacao went through the roof and Orlando experienced his fair share of it. He decided to start a business on Bonaire, which he always appreciated for its more relaxed, laid-back lifestyle.

Back then, starting a new business was very different than it is today. With 8,000 residents, the Island Governor was “one of us” and would sit at the round table at happy hour on the pier and discuss business opportunities and how to make it happen.

When Orlando returned to Bonaire in 1994, he opened his business renting scooters, bicycles and Yamaha motorbikes. Not many rental companies existed on the island and they got along well and helped each other out. He was the official dealer of Harley Davidson from 1996 to 2010, when the rules in the mother company changed and it became impossible to fulfil the licensing agreement.

Rentals & Guided Tours

Orlando, a Caribbean nomad and member of Iron Order MC International, went on a motorcycle trip to ride in Thailand after he won a bet against his good friend and fellow rental business owner on Bonaire, Rene G. Winning the bet, he bought, took over and became new owner of Rento Fun down town, previously owned by Rene.

In 2002, he fell head over heels in love with his now wife, Ana C. Francisca. Sitting at the bar daily to watch her work in the bar and talk to her, Orlando, still in his bad boy days, had to change his life to finally win Ana over. The couple married in 2004, and after 10 years working at City Café, the bar and restaurant were sold and Ana decided to work in the rental company.

The family business went through many ups and downs, from the great recession in 2007-2010, to the corona pandemic. They survived it all and are taking new steps to grow their business again with their car rental, Party Bus rental, scooter rental, Harley Davidson rental, guided tours and off-road tours with ATVs, buggies, bicycles and Segway’s.

Guided Off-road Tours

One of their main businesses is the guided tour by ATV, buggy, bicycle, bus or Segway. The tour operations are run by son, Alex, General Manager of their lagoon location. The repair shop and the tours are under his control.

The guided off-road tours are praised by tour operators and won a prize for the excellent service provided: from guest pick up to driving to the off-road location, to a guided tour through the beautiful nature of Bonaire to places you would normally never go, to then bringing you back to the pick-up location safe and sound. Everyone benefits from this great service. The guest doesn’t need to find their way through the chaotic traffic and bad roads, and for residents, a relief that not a row of ATVs slows down the traffic.

The rough terrain and the all-natural, wild landscape are unique and the tour is a great experience. Rest assured, your guide knows his way and will bring you to some hidden places.

Party Bus

The fun and colorful party buses are great for young and old, an excellent tour for a birthday. It is fun and exciting to all and when the bus passes people, they will beep their horns, wave and smile.

Harley Davidson

When you are a bike rider, we don’t need to explain to you how breathtaking it is to ride on Bonaire. Cruising the island at the waterfront with a breeze in your face is the ultimate in relaxed freedom that you can experience.

Motorbike events

Orlando and the Iron Order MC organize annual motorcycle events on the island and every motorbike is invited to join.

Dia di Rincon - April

All Bikes are invited to join an island ride to Rincon at this local holiday.

Dia di Boneiru - September

This is the biggest annual event and bikers from the main land and other islands visit Bonaire, shipping their bikes to join the ride. Last year, 2021, 300 bikes joined the local bikers at the event.

NEW!!! Christmas Parade – December

Since last year, the Christmas parade has been added to the list of annual events.

Dressed up in the holiday spirit with their bikes decorated with lights, the riders will showcase their lit bikes at a night parade and all bikers are invited to join.

(Due to corona regulations, the events are limited to riding together only with the additional regulations active at that given time.)


Rento Fun Drive – Bonaire Offroad Adventure Tours

RENTAL: Car – Bus - Scooter- bicycle - Harley Davidson

GUIDED TOURS: ATV – Buggy – Segway

Kaya Grandi 45

Facebook: Rento Fun Drive & Bonaire Offroad Adventure Tours

Call: 717 2408 or 786 2131

Office: Mo- Sat 9 am - 5 pm

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