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Bonaire Lunch +/- US $10

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The culinary offerings on the island have greatly increased in the last several years, making it more exciting to go out and enjoy good food. Lunch time is a bit different because we have limited time due to work or because we have already planned our next dive or another activity. Here are some of our lunchtime tips.

Doner Station/Fresh Market

Doner station located in HATO and the Fresh Market located on Kaya Industria, close to the supermarkets, offer very affordable meals. You can pre-order when you have to watch the time, but both locations are very fast in preparing your order! The Fresh Market (Kaya Industria) is a place for takeout and the Doner Station (HATO) has tables and chairs in the shade where you can enjoy your food on location. When you want your food delivered, you can order through Dinner in a Box, the delivery service on the island.


The Turkish, grilled chicken, doner meat can be ordered as a sandwich, a wrap or a meal with French fries and a salad.

Rotisserie Chicken

Another of our favorites is the rotisserie chicken. Marinated in delicious spices and herbs, it is juicy and grilled to perfection.


For vegetarians, you can order homemade falafels and a rich, creamy lentil soup prepared with Middle Eastern spices.

Average price: US $10

Phone: +599 787 4100 (Doner Station HATO)

+599 782 8106 (Kaya Industria)

Zazu@Bistro de Paris

Zazu is the bar area @ Bistro de Paris located at the marina near Harbour Village.

Zazu has recently introduced some delicious, new lunch items you should try!

Pulled Pork sandwich

One of American’s all-time favorites is available here - the pulled pork sandwich.

The pork is marinated and cooked to perfection. It is also a local specialty, mostly served on special occasions and holidays, but at Zazu you can enjoy it whenever you desire!

Poke Bowl

This fresh fish dish originated in Hawaii and is a healthy, yet delicious, meal.

The freshly caught fish is prepared in a soy based marinade, but will remain raw, tender and tasty! The Poke bowl consists of boiled rice, freshly stir-fried and raw vegetables and fresh fish slices.

Chardonnay Mussels

Fresh mussels are not always available on the island, so please ask in advance! But when it is your lucky day, this meal is delicious. The fresh mussels are prepared in a creamy white wine sauce with freshly baked bread.

Burgundy Burger

This high quality beef burger is one of the best sellers at Zazu and is a French version of the classic burger. The big burger patty is tender and juicy and grilled to perfection. Served with a burgundy sauce, French fries and salad, your lunch meal is complete.

Average Price: US $10-15

Phone: +599 717 7070

Divers Diner

Divers Diner is located down town at the oceanfront. Due to the location, many locals order their lunch meals during their lunch break.

Divers Diner offers a very affordable variety of lunch meals freshly prepared. You can pre-order or for an additional US $1, it will be delivered to your location.

Our favorites:

Pasta Alfredo

Linguini pasta with a creamy sauce prepared with chicken breast and parmesan cheese.

Catch of the day

Freshly grilled catch of the day served with a mixed salad or coleslaw and a choice of French fries or rice.

Beef Stoba

Try a local favorite, the beef stew. The tender cooked beef in a rich sauce is served with a choice of French fries or rice and salad.

Average Price: US $10 including one soda of your choice!

Phone: +599 788 3679

Between 2 Buns

Between 2 Buns is located in HATO and is the place to be if you love sandwiches.

The freshly baked French baguette is one of the best bread choices we have on the island, but they also have other great breads available. You can sit where it is cool inside restaurant, or outside in the fresh breeze, or order take out. Everything is possible. The service is friendly and quick. Depending on your appetite, you can order a whole sandwich or a half!


You can choose from a variety of sandwiches, warm or cold, filled with tasty combinations of cold meats, cheeses and vegetables and a choice of white or whole wheat bread. Check out the daily specials too.

One of our favorites is the warm Italian sandwich, served with Italian salami, melted cheese, pesto and fresh veggies.

Homemade cakes

Between 2 Buns also offers different homemade cakes. The choices are ever changing and may differ from day to day.

One of our favorites is the homemade passion fruit cheesecake.

Average price: +/- US $10

Phone: +599 796 4709

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