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Press Release TCB

Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) and a variety of tourism stakeholders hosted 6 top travel journalists/social media influencers on a press visit to the island March 18 – 22, 2018. Journalists Robert Linawag, Liza Beddall, Parm Parmar, Jamie Wolf and Amanda Nunes were on assignment to cover Bonaire in different blog and journalist posts, as well as on their social media channels. These assignment are marketing efforts for Sunwing second season of december 2018 to April 2019.

Robert Linawag is currently the assistant web editor at Reader’s Digest Canada. will showcase a Sunwing vacation to paradise from a lifestyle angle. Living “the good life” is easy with when travelers are in exclusive Bonaire, surrounded by the island’s natural beauty and spectacular diving waters. Eco-tourism/sustainable tourism activities as well as cultural tours will be highlighted.

Liz Beddall has been a professional photographer working in Toronto for the last five years. Liz’s photographs have appeared in international publications such as Variety Magazine and New York Magazine, in local outlets including the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail and in ad campaigns for such companies as VISA and Scotiabank.Canadian Geographic Travel will “dive deep” into Bonaire as a spectacular Sunwing vacation destination, highlighting the island as a world-renowned location for diving, snorkeling and eco-tourism. The island’s culture will be heavily featured, as well as Bonaire’s natural landscape and the exclusivity/relatively untouched nature of the island—now easily accessible via Sunwing direct flights.

A recognized and well-published writer, Parm specializes in travel, food, history and culture, which she shares with her readers in her redesigned blog, Planet Blue Adventure. Parm’s writing has also been featured in Travel Week, Skyscanner, Huffington Post, Travel Life Magazine, Dine Magazine, Toronto Star, Vancouver Sun Air Transat, Trivago,, Tripjaunt, and Travelage West, just to name a few. Travel Life Magazine specializes in destination features, highlighting all aspects of a location’s culture and beauty. An all-encompassing Bonaire feature will showcase Sunwing’s latest vacation destination in all its glory, including all dining options, activities, eco tours, snorkeling and diving excursions and other key attractions to this exclusive island.

Jamie is an adept freelance writer and contributor with experience in the hospitality sector. Bonaire as a unique wellness travel destination, accessible to Canadians via Sunwing vacations. The island will be highlighted as a snorkeling/diving destination, with particular attention to a variety of dining and drinking options.

Amanda is a social media/web writer, illustrator, designer and freelance writer for She will highlight Bonaire’s stunning natural landscape, the exclusivity of the island (now only accessible via a Sunwing vacation), as well as its exemplary dining and cultural tour options.

TCB would like to thank all private sector members who sponsored this press trip and provided complimentary services to the press group: Tropical Travel, Sea Cow Snorkeling Bonaire, Posada Para Mira, Buddy Dive Resort, Delfins Beach Resort, The Coral Restoration, Divi Flamingo Beach Resort, Plaza Hotel, Captain Don's Habitat, Cadushy Distillery, Eden Beach and Echo Conservation.

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