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Blue Garden - Restaurant Review

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A little outside the center of town, at 6 Julio A. Abraham Boulevard, is a Brazilian restaurant that has been a household name on Bonaire for quite some time and specializes in meat, seafood and pizza. We have not spoken to the owners, Yara and Paulo, due to their vacation, but as described on the website, they settled on the island after 15 years of visiting. Their dream of bringing together their passion for food, culture and friendship resulted in Blue Garden Restaurant.

It is high time for us to experience how that dream has come true. We make reservations for a Tuesday evening. Like the rest of the restaurants in Kralendijk, it was not very busy, so we had our choice of tables. The restaurant is actually a large porch, spacious with simple and rustic tables and nicely placed in the breeze. What catches your eye immediately is the way the tables are set. To avoid dust, we guess, the plates are turned upside down on colorful placemats in various designs and colors. Next to the plates is a reusable bag in the same fabric as the placemats containing the cutlery and a napkin. This way of covering takes some getting used to, but in addition to simplicity and durability, it is also very cute and suits the rustic atmosphere.

Despite the open construction, the restaurant is completely non-smoking. At the entrance there are 2 high tables available where smoking is allowed. The service is smooth, friendly and helpful. In short, the first impression is excellent.

Our drinks are on the table in the blink of an eye, just like the menu. We also order one of their signature cocktails the “passion fruit Caipirinha”, a delicious refreshing tropical cocktail. The dishes that Blue Garden serves all have the name of a dive site. The menu is well-arranged and each dish has a color photo. We soon realize that the portions are generous, but nonetheless, we each take an appetizer.

Pink Beach Tuna and Light House Shrimp.

The tuna is a trio of sashimi, tataki and a spiced tartare. As it should always be on Bonaire, the tuna is nice and fresh. There is also a "check availability" note next to the dish, which already shows that if there is no fresh tuna, no frozen food will be served.

The Lighthouse Shrimps are slowly cooked in beer with parsley. This appetizer is also generously sized and, although the first sight may suggest a little different, the taste is delicious.

As a main course we order Te Amo (meat lovers) and Angel City.

The first consists of picanha and New Zealand lamb chops. The chops are prepared in the kitchen, but for the picanha, a grill plate is placed on the table with which you can prepare the meat yourself in your own personal, desired way. The meat is of excellent quality and the concept is great.

The Angel City consists of picanha, a sausage and a chicken skewer. Unlike Te Amo, this is served on a hot plate. Angel City was also very tasty and, just like the appetizers, more than enough.

Both main courses were accompanied by a plate of several sides including yucca, kidney beans, and tomato salsa served enamel mugs of different country styles. As mentioned, the quantities are generous.

As a result, we simply forgot to order a dessert for the first time in review history. Not a complete review without dessert, but we assume that the desserts are completely in line with the rest of the menu. Tasty and generously sized.

Our Favorites

1. Angels City - mix grill picanha, chicken skewer and Brazilian sausage

2. Light House Shrimp

If you are a deep-dish pizza lover, you should most certainly try the deep-dish pizza, the fresh ingredients and the aroma are mouthwatering.

Tip: if you like it spicy, ask for the Brazilian hot peppers!

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