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BBagel & Bloom Restaurant Review

Xp Bonaire IslandLife Feature Story

A family business, we love it! Since September, 2021, Bonaire has had an additional restaurant that can call itself “innovative” in various ways. Not that you were not able to eat a bagel on Bonaire before, but there was not yet a restaurant that focused almost entirely on 1 product, the bagel.

Sisters Nina and Famke Janssen, together with their brother Ryan, have made their dream come true with B for Bagel, where bagels are served in many tasty ways. The restaurant is located in the new building on the large parking lot opposite the tax authorities. Excellent accessibility and, above all, ample parking.

Because we mainly focus our reviews on dinner, B Bagel was not our list to be reviewed. Recently the business was expanded with Bloom, turning the "sandwich shop" into a full-fledged restaurant. Although there is no extensive á la carte menu, you can go there for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Time to book a table!

DID YOU KNOW? - Don’t underestimate the Bagel!

We enter on a quiet Monday evening and it is immediately apparent that the very neat place has been decorated by someone with a sense of style and an eagle eye for detail. Inquiry tells us that mother Nancy is responsible for the tasteful decoration, including the educational part, which tells us that the bagel is originally a Polish product that was introduced to the United States by Jewish immigrants. The dough is kneaded and boiled for a long time, after which it is immersed in boiling water with syrup for preservation before baking. Since the 20th century, bagels have been baked in a ring shape. The message is clear - don’t underestimate the bagel.

The family business is complete when we meet father Arthur in the half open kitchen. In his own words, “only to cut the tomatoes” under the supervision of son and Chef Ryan. But in the meantime, Arthur knows very well what good food is. Together with the very friendly service, it is a very warm entry despite the air conditioning.


Our drinks are on the table fairly quickly and are accompanied by a glass with toast in a soft dip. Just like the interior, the menu is stylish and well-arranged. As a starter we choose a cheese platter and a charcuterie platter. While the cheese platter was richly filled with 3 types of cheese, including a tasty Morbier, fruit and an onion relish, the charcuterie was a bit simpler, but certainly a great start to the evening. Because we had chosen the special as the main course, a spinach soup was added in addition to the platters. In retrospect, quite a lot as a starter, but okay, we do like to eat.

Main Course

As mentioned earlier, the special, which we ordered as a main course, consisted of a generous slice of sour dough bread with delicious, tender beef slices, onion and melted cheese topped with a mixed salad. Just like the burger that we also ordered, the course was served with a side of excellent pan-fried potatoes, a very tasty supper. The hamburger was richly topped with lettuce, tomato, Tillamook cheddar cheese, pickles, a fried egg and their secret sauce. We won't tell you what that secret sauce is and what it tastes like, because then it wouldn't be a secret anymore. In any case, it is definitely worth trying.

Dessert and Conclusion

We are completely satisfied, but a review is not complete without dessert. We choose just one, the dessert of the day, in this case a crème bruléé. Fortunately, not too big and very tasty, although the sugar layer could have been a little thicker, just for the satisfying tradition of breaking it with your spoon. We look back on a successful and satisfying evening. If you are looking for something different in a nice ambiance at a very reasonable price, then B Bagel and Bloom is a must!

Our Favorite

The burger!

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