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A Fashionable Adventure Journey

Xp Bonaire IslandLife Feature Story

Karli’s story is a captivating narrative that seamlessly weaves entrepreneurship, passion, and self-discovery into a vibrant tapestry of fashion, travel and empowerment. Karli (Karlijn) de Roode is far from the ordinary entrepreneur – she embodies a unique blend of passion, creativity, and an unyielding spirit of adventure that distinguishes her journey.

Karli's fashion journey began on the sun-soaked shores of Bonaire, where her love for kite surfing was ignited 4 years ago. However, her thirst for new experiences led her onto a different path. Driven by an entrepreneurial fire, she embraced uncertainty and pursued her dreams, showing a determination that set her apart. 3 years ago, she created a vegetarian pop-up restaurant called Dinner Club at the small-scale boutique resort Windhoek Bonaire. With a background in hospitality and marketing, she made it a successful concept to this day. But two years ago, her path turned in a completely different direction.

Costa Rica

The catalyst for Karli's creative spark emerged unexpectedly in Costa Rica, known for its relaxed vibes and peaceful lifestyle. Its unique blend of tranquil living, festival energy, and hippie vibes ignited a creative spark within her. Immersed in the effortless, bohemian fashion and lifestyles she encountered, Karli's brainchild, Lolita Essentials, came to life. This endeavor took on a personal touch as she intertwined her family bonds, especially with her niece Lola, into the very fabric of her brand.

However, Karli's journey was no cakewalk. Guided by fate, her pursuit led her to the bustling textile scene of Medellín, Colombia. Fearlessly delving into the intricate web of the fashion industry, she cultivated partnerships and friendships with local artisans and manufacturers, giving life to her visionary designs. The outcome? A clothing and jewelry line exuding confidence, empowerment, a rich celebration of diverse cultures.

More than Fashion – Lolita Essentials

Lolita Essentials transcends conventional fashion. It represents a movement that empowers women to embrace their uniqueness. Each design bears witness to Karli's passion and commitment to authenticity. The integration of sustainable materials and messages of empowerment woven into the fabric reflect her dedication.

The use of comfortable materials, like breathable viscose and elastin-infused cotton, ensures the perfect fit for every occasion, body shape, and lifestyle – from work and sports to nights out. Most of the tops in her collection are individually adjustable and can be worn in many ways and are great wardrobe basics. The light materials are not only adjustable for any occasion but are perfect for traveling light.

Karli's collections can be found at Bonaire's Jungle Concept Store, and her upcoming line will debut at Moana Bonaire in December 2023. Selected pieces are also available at Beachvibes Surf Shop and Watersports Center Bonaire.


The new collection in December 2023, Mix and Match, will have some lair skirts, flair pants, flowy dresses and, besides the basic natural colors, some color bursts with lemon green, lilac and magenta.

You will be able to find her new collections twice a year.


Karli's entrepreneurial journey has introduced her to a community of creative minds who have generously shared essential skills for her clothing and jewelry line's success. Expressing deep gratitude, she cherishes the enduring friendships and the invaluable professional guidance she has received across various domains, from materials and sewing to design, branding, and photography.

The next level

Always with new goals in the back of her mind, Karli is stabilizing her brand and is even expanding into business-to-business ventures by designing women’s sports lycra’s and merge.


Karli's narrative evolves into a journey of growth. Her initial ventures in media and sales paved the way for her current accomplishments—a brand that speaks eloquently to women. Looking ahead, she envisions expanding Lolita Essentials, seamlessly merging her passion for travel, fashion, and family. Her journey stands as a testament to the beauty of following one's heart, embracing ambiguity, and having faith in the journey.

As Karli's narrative reminds us, venturing forward with an open heart and a willingness to embrace the unknown can lead to magic, transforming the journey into an inspiring work of art.


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