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A Culinary Gem with a View - Club Boulevard Restaurant Review

Xp Bonaire IslandLife Feature Story

Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting Club Boulevard, and I can confidently say that this restaurant deserves all the praise it has received on Google and TripAdvisor. Located on the first floor along the boulevard, opposite Karel's Bar, Club Boulevard's name might suggest that food is an afterthought, but nothing could be further from the truth!

Upon arriving at the entrance, situated at Kaya Korsow 10/12, you are greeted by a small, luxurious setup at the door, and you immediately sense that something special awaits. Climbing the stairs leads you into a restaurant with surprisingly tasteful décor, which you wouldn't necessarily expect from the outside. Clearly, a lot of thought has gone into this. On the left, you'll immediately notice the open kitchen, where Chef Wilco Hoekman and his sous-chef, Marcus Scholz, craft their masterpieces. A bit further to the left is a well-stocked bar with an extensive selection of beverages, including delightful cocktails. The restaurant itself is elegantly and stylishly furnished, with luxurious chairs and accessories. The view of the sea, combined with comfortable air conditioning, makes it not only a hotspot for tourists, but also for locals.

We were warmly welcomed and guided to our table after a brief tour. We started with a drink and were soon served an amuse-bouche - cassava with hoisin cream, a touch of peanut butter, peanuts, and cucumber jus. A surprisingly delicious and original start to the evening, it was followed by pea soup bitterballen (a Dutch fried snack). Two classic Dutch dishes merged into an extremely tasty appetizer.


Our first course were fresh oysters, who can say no to delicious oysters. You have the choice of a wine arrangement that will be paired with your food and served with great explanations. The second course featured fresh tuna with a light cucumber soup, crispy nori with sesame, avocado, wasabi mayonnaise, radish, and Granny Smith apple. It was not only a feast for the eyes, but also a true explosion of flavors.

Main Course

Since we opted for the surprise menu, we didn't know what to expect. However, the main course was an absolute surprise and a rare gem rarely found on menus: Beef Wellington. The oven-baked filet of beef wrapped in puff pastry was served with a mushroom sauce and a vegetable mix in which mushrooms were delightfully incorporated. It was a masterpiece of perfect doneness, with a crispy crust and just the right amount of sauce. This dish absolutely deserves a spot on your culinary bucket list. If you want to try the surprise menu , it's advisable to make a reservation a day in advance, as some ingredients may not always be available. Believe me, the 24-hour wait is more than worth it.


For dessert, we were treated to yogurt with raspberry, a crumble of pink ruby chocolate, coconut sorbet, and a topping of red fruits. The kitchen brigade not only displayed their expertise in savory dishes, but also closed the evening with a sublime dessert.

Our conclusion

In conclusion, we look back with great pleasure on a delightful culinary evening in an extremely pleasant ambiance. While we don't usually mention prices in our reviews, we must make an exception here. Club Boulevard offers fixed prices. A three-course menu is only $45.00 per person, which, in our opinion, is an incredible value for the money. If you want to add an extra course, it's just an additional $10.00. Where else can you find that in a stylish restaurant with air conditioning and a sea view? Club Boulevard pleasantly surprised us and is absolutely worth a visit.


Club Boulevard

Kaya J.N.E Craane 12,

+599 717 2299

Opening Hours

Tuesday – Thursday 11 am - 12 am

Friday & Saturday 11 am – 1 am

Closed Sunday and Monday

Facebook: Club Boulevard

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