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5 participants Miss Tourism Bonaire 2019 pageant officially installed by Commissioner Tjin Asjoe

Press Release TCB

Recently the official installation of the 5 participants of the Miss Tourism Bonaire 2019 took place at the government's office.

As tradition, the participants are officially installed by the Lieutenant Governor, but for this occasion the Commissioner of tourism Mr. Elvis Tjin Asjoe had the honor to do this. The installation is a symbolic part where each participant received a Bonaire pin from the Commissioner as official installment.

Commissioner Tjin Asjoe indicated that he hopes that the youth becomes part of the politics to take this over as Bonaire needs the youth to help Bonaire in its development. He also gave an ample explanation about the government, the Strategic Marketing Masterplan and the Bonaire Blue Destination.

All the participants introduced themselves and had a great conversation with the Commissioner. Mr. Tjin Asjoe informed that participating in a pageant like this they will learn a lot, by getting to know your island even better, mature to face their future, and to always represent Bonaire.

After the explanation Mr. Tjin Asjoe did the official installation of the participants together with Miss Tourism Bonaire 2018 Carolin Coffie and wished them all the best with the Miss Tourism Bonaire pageant and also in their personal life.

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