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Celebration World Tourism Day “Sustainable Tourism”

Today September 27th, the tourism industry celebrates World Tourism day with the theme sustainable tourism by the World Tourism Organization (UNTWO).

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This is a day to reflect on the continuous progress that Bonaire experienced and is still experiencing in regards to Tourism. This industry has an enormous impact on our daily life; from the construction developments to our commitment to preserve and conserve our natural resources, from the different job opportunities to the impacts on our culture. It is the responsibility of our people of Bonaire to ensure sustainable practices that acknowledge the current and future social, environmental and economic impacts by considering the environment, the visitors, the community and the industry.

According to Taleb Rifai General Secretary of UNTWO “You can be the change you want to see in the world. You can be an ambassador for a better future. This world Tourism Day, whenever you travel, wherever you travel remember to: Respect culture, Respect nature, Respect your host.”

In terms of sustainable tourism practices it should respect the authenticity of Bonaire, conserve the values and cultural heritage, and contribute to tolerance and understanding. As well as providing long term economic developments and operations that include poverty alleviation, income opportunities, socio economics benefits and employment. Tourism sustainable practices involves relevant stakeholders and strong participation of the government and requires constant leadership and raise the awareness of sustainable practices to the ones visiting the island and lead to satisfaction of our tourists by giving meaningful experiences during their visit.

“Bonaire has always been at the forefront of nature preservation and conservation and strive to be one of the top eco-friendly destination in the Caribbean. We strive to accomplish this goal by making a low impact on the environment and local culture, thus helping the future generation and creating employment for the local people’’ said Director of TCB, Mr. Maurice Adriaens.

To emphasize on the theme sustainable tourism, Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) together with Selibon and Ministry of Economic Affairs is organizing a conference called “Bonaire the green destination” on October 26th. This will be conducted by different speakers who will give information and their insight on developing a Green destination.

TCB would like to congratulate our tourism partners, stakeholders and those working in the tourism sector on this year’s World Tourism Day, for their continuous efforts dedication and devotion to our industry.

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