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Tourism Master Plan

After presenting the preliminary findings and receiving your feedback at the Tourism summit, the University of Central Florida(UCF) will finalize the Tourism master plan for Bonaire.

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As you already know a lot of insightful information was given of which six takeaways points were given in order for us to improve and optimize our tourism industry, these were:

  1. Bonaire has many opportunities as a tourist destination; therefore, there is no need to under leverage (undersell) your destination and your products.

  2. It behooves destination managers and tourist stakeholders to quickly contact the local population to inform people of tourism benefits. The tourism sector should be an integral part of the island society.

  3. Small destinations have few windows of economic opportunities. Therefore, acting quickly to seize opportunities is crucial for enhancing tourism benefits and people's well being. The way forward is to support a synergy between nature and tourism for the benefit of Bonaire's people.

  4. Tourism is a competitive and collaborative endeavor. Working as a team is the only way for Bonaire to bode success and spawn more opportunities for everyone.

  5. Tourism is a strategic spearhead that can enhance people's well-being. It behooves the political system to consider tourism above party politics. Tourism is non-partisan. Make sure that your elected officials understand this condition for success.

  6. Success requires a new attitude. Tourism stakeholders must hold a positive attitude that no longer is based on intuition. Decisions must be based on data and business intelligence.

Moving forward... ''Each stakeholder has the responsibility to achieve a quality standard that must be grounded in a transformative and creative team power. Success is achievable but only if there is one tourism team of Bonaire'' - Dr. Robertico Croes.

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