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Bonaire Spotlighted on well-known social media influencer Erik Conover's YouTube Channel

YouTube vlogger Erik Conover's Bonaire video was released over the weekend. This vlog is a direct result of Erik's recent press visit to Bonaire in early August.

The first of his Bonaire series vlogs highlights 7 Incredible Places in Bonaire You Won't Believe Exist. His top 7 favorite activities/attractions include the salt flats, cave snorkeling, day diving, Klein Bonaire, night diving, Rincon and Washington Slagbaai National Park. Erik includes a brief history and background for each activity/attraction he showcases. To view his 14 minute vlog visit: or search 7 Incredible Places in Bonaire You Won't Believe Exist on Youtube.

Erik currently has over 223,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. The vlog already has over 20,500 views and 264 comments. We encourage you to share this vlog with your friends and followers on social media.

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