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Bonaire has a wide variety of options when it comes to bars and restaurants. Besides oceanfront locations, there are also some hidden treasures that you might want to discover for yourself.

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Hillside Apartments Bar and Restaurant is one of those locations that you would not expect to be so special. Hillside, owned by Theo and Wendy Zwambag, is located in Antriol, one of the older neighborhoods on Bonaire, and will celebrate its 5th anniversary this year.

Hillside has a beautiful big bar, restaurant and a huge pool area all open to the public and to the Hillside guests alike. The spacious location catches a perfect breeze, has a breathtaking view and is absolutely affordable.

Meet the owners

Theo was born in the Netherlands and grew up in the Dutch Polder (an area of ground reclaimed from the sea or lake by means of dikes and more a country site/agricultural area). He started his career with an agricultural service supply company, renting out agricultural machines and manpower to small farmers in the area. When the small farmers disappeared and the big farmers had their own machines, Theo started to expand into a different field with high demand for the groundwork and temporary traffic measures necessary for infrastructure development in the area. To this day, he still owns that business.

Theo came to vacation in the Caribbean for the first time in 2000, and visited Bonaire during this trip.

Falling in love with the island, its culture and people, he started looking for a house or property. But with high expectations, it would take him more than one trip to find the right spot, just to his liking.

Wendy came to the island in 2007 for her hospitality internship and fell in love with the island and didn’t want to leave. Her father, Theo, promised her that as she successfully completed her studies, he would look for a great location for them.

Theo was looking for a unique place on the island, different from what existed already. When he found the Hillside location, he knew that this was it - in the heart of original Bonairean culture in Antriol and with the most amazing view.

His concept was to create a place where everyone would feel welcome and would be affordable to many. After well-known struggles, construction was completed in 2012 and Hillside was ready to open its doors, as was Wendy, who had succeeded in completing her studies.

The spacious apartments are well equipped to European standards on the interior. The gigantic pool area has space for all the people who choose a lazy day at the pool with great service on site.

Hillside Bar & Restaurant

XpBonaire, IslandLife, Information, feature Story, Hillside Apartments

Marcel, who came to the island in 2010 is well known from Buddy Dive and other locations, joined the team 1 year ago and is now the restaurant and bar manager. After getting familiar with the kitchen, he started working at the bar to get to know all the ins and outs of the company. Together they are constantly working to perfect and develop the concept.

Hillsides menu offers typical comfort food, big portions and prices that range around an affordable price of $15. And your beer is only $2.50.

For $5 you can spend the whole day poolside with a sunbed, one drink and use of the facilities. Hillside offers breakfast, lunch and dinner service starting at 7 am until 10 pm. The menu offers delicious sandwiches, soups and salads during the day and their famous fresh tuna catch, ribs, burgers and much more at dinner time.

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XpBonaire, IslandLife, Information, feature Story, Hillside Apartments


Try out Tuna Night Tuesdays US$ 15,-

You can choose from a tuna three ways appetizer, a big main course tuna salad or the tuna steak main course. Fresh local catch is a must.

Double Happy Hour Fridays

One of the busiest, most crowded and fun happy hours is on Friday between 6 and 8 pm with local Dj Shrek. Join the crowd!

5 year anniversary

Hillside will celebrate its 5 year anniversary this year. Look out for specials to come!

Kaya Linda 19


Phone: +599 782 04 91

Open: daily 7:00AM - 11:00PM

Facebook: Hillside Apartments

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