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End of cruise high season celebration

On June 1st 2017 Tourism Corporation Bonaire celebrated the closing of the high season for the cruise industry.

In attendance of the cruise stakeholders, Mr. Maurice Adriaens opened the celebration by thanking everyone for their contribution to the tourism of Bonaire. Seeing that cruise tourism has grown rapidly in the last years, we have to all acknowledge that cruise tourism attributes a great deal to our economy, by facilitating approximately 600 employment slots and approximately 25 million in winnings. This market has become very important for our island.

Furthermore TCB acknowledged some of the stakeholders that have excelled in the industry. All stakeholders do their uptmost to provide good service to the cruise passengers, but TCB wants to acknowledge the ones that our visitors have found important enough to leave a great review in the cruise critic forums.

The cruise operation coordinator Xenah Cicilia explained that for this season the awards will be done through the reviews of For the upcoming season, there will be a review system powered by TCB on which all visitors can leave their reviews and based on those reviews we will decide who is Bonaire Cruise Stars for the season. “It is important for us to acknowledge the hard work that everyone puts in on a daily basis to continue to score high with the cruise lines.”

The cruise stars for the Cruise season 2016-2017 are:

  • Woodwind guided snorkel tours

  • Bonaire Vista Tours

  • Roadrunner with the Twizy Tours

  • Taxi 1 driver: Reinardo “Ban Ban” Nicolaas

  • Good return water taxi

  • Bonaire Cruisers Golf cart rental

  • Jentis Tours; this company won the Caribbean Leading tour operator prize from Carnival CL

Also special mention is to the TCB team that works hard every day to attract more visitors to our beautiful island and to make sure they have the best experience on the island.

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