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Retail Therapy

Bonaire is a great place to live with all its natural beauty available for everyone to enjoy. These days you can see a lot of changes on the island as it develops at a fast pace in most areas, but some things have been left behind. Bonaire still has a shortage of good clothing stores for women, men and children.

Most clothes available on the island are of poor quality, made to last one only season and then to be thrown away. Any tip on where to shop for something more special is welcome, at least that is how we feel and the reason why we want to share this with you.

Penny Lane

Since October, 2014, we have had a beautiful consignment store on the island -Penny Lane Exchange. The store is located down town on Kaya Grandi at La Terazza on the second floor, a reason why you might not have heard about it yet.

Penny Lane Exchange is a shop that offers pre- loved clothing for women, men and children, jewelry, shoes and accessories. You will find upscale labels from Dolce & Gabbana and Valentino to H&M and Gap, to name just a few. Sizes range from XS to XL and are unique pieces you will not find anyplace else on the island.

On Bonaire we are very concerned about our nature and sustainability. Alternative energy, recycling and reusing helps us reduce our carbon foot print. Penny Lane Exchange fits right into this way of thinking. Selling and buying pre- loved clothing reduces our foot print while giving us the option to wear special clothing that fits well and looks great. And let’s not forget the joy it brings to find something special at an affordable price.

Penny Lane Exchange is a consignment store that sells secondhand items on behalf of the original owner, who receives a percentage of the selling price. When you have clothing that you don’t want to wear any longer for whatever reason, but it is in perfect condition, you can pass by and let Penny Lane have a look at it.


Donna Wuyts De Salvo, owner of Penny Lane Exchange, has always loved second hand shopping. With a hippie mom, Donna grew up shopping in second hand stores, watching her mom pick up old furniture to up -cycle and turn into something beautiful. An entrepreneur in her own right, starting with a children’s crèche and later building her own florist business, she is an inspiration to Donna.

Donna’s dad, George, and his wife, Laura, well known on the island for their publication, The Reporter, came to the island more than 25 years ago. Donna, who lived in the US with her mom, spent every vacation on Bonaire visiting her dad on his boat and enjoying island life as a kid and teenager and making many friends on the island. It was here that she also met her future husband, but in those days she didn’t know that yet.

Life is short

Donna worked for 8 years in the movie industry in L.A. as a personal assistant to the director of blockbuster movie productions. When she lost a friend in the 9/11 incident, she started to rethink life and what is important. She started studying Feng Shui, went to China to further her studies and later practiced Feng Shui in L.A.

During a return visit to Bonaire, Donna again met her teenage love, Hendrik. They were both much older, and in Donna’s view, way more attractive and they connected again. Falling in love once more, Donna decided that life was too short and moved to the island. After a year living together, the two got married and, after many difficulties, welcomed their daughter 7 years later. Having her daughter, Eva, meant the world to Donna who always wanted to have children and had to wait for so long to hold her in her arms.

Donna dreamed of starting her own business. When she looked into the consignment business in 2013, she believed it was something that could succeed on the island because of the great demand. After visiting her mentor, Christina, who owns a consignment business in Northern California, she was taken behind the scenes and learned the ins and outs of the business. She then began searching for affordable shop space on Bonaire.

Fun shopping with conscience

Centrally situated, Penny Lane Exchange is located on the second floor of La Terazza, close to the Harborside Shopping Mall down town on Kaya Grandi.

Donna opened her store in October, 2014, and is very happy with its development. Many customers come to exchange their pre- loved clothes and to find something different and new to them. For many of the island’s theme parties, people find a special, unique and affordable piece. Of course, you don’t need to exchange; you can also buy the piece(s) you love. The different nationalities and styles present on Bonaire make it a fun experience and we are pretty sure you will find something to your liking. Donna also has a shopper in the US who searches for pieces that fit Bonaire and the climate and bring a different flavor to her collections. Just pass by and have a look.


Penny Lane Exchange

Kaya Grandi 23 G (Second Floor)


Tuesday - Friday 10:30 am – 5:30 pm

Saturday - 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Phone +599 795 93 32

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