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In recent months, animal welfare on Bonaire has been in the press with discussions of regulations such as the dog control program, communication between concerned institutions and the nuisance of free roaming dogs, to name just a few.

The various foundations concerned with animal welfare and the local government have decided to work more closely together in the future for better communication and, hopefully, improved animal welfare.

F.K.K. Animal Rescue

F.K.K. Animal Rescue is a foundation with a no-kill shelter policy.

Founded in May, 2014, F.K.K. Animal Rescue focuses on:

- The collection, care, rehabilitation and (re)socialization of stray dogs and cats.

- The collection, care, rehabilitation and (re)socialization of the Animal Protection Bonaire (Dierenbescherming Bonaire) confiscated dogs and cats. These confiscations are usually the result of neglect and/or severe mistreatment of the confiscated animals.

- Placement of the animals in a loving, caring and safe environment.

- Maintaining contact with the new “owners” after relocation of the animals to stay informed about the living conditions and thus the welfare of the relocated animal.

- Providing permanent shelter for dogs and cats that can’t be placed in a new home. The no-kill policy of the foundation ensures a home for the animals to enjoy the remainder of their lives in a caring environment.

Peter Kerssemakers , one of the founders of F.K.K. came to the island in 2010 as a civil servant to assist the island with its constitutional changes. Shortly after, his wife, Patrice Verschoor, and children came to visit and fell in love with the island and its people. Always concerned about the wellbeing of others, they saw a lot of potential on the island and felt that they could contribute and make a difference.

When moving to the island, the family came with one dog, which became three dogs in a very short time. F.K.K. was meant to become a care farm (Zorgboerderij) for children and animals alike, but focuses right now on where it is most needed - animal welfare.

The Animal Shelter, active on the island for many years and in collaboration with the island Government, had set up a dog control program. The program was developed to solve the problem of dogs and stray cats roaming free on the island. The shelter, with its many volunteers, has always done their best to care for all the animals in need, but its capacity, both in man power and space, has its limits and many animals were still in need of care and help. In accordance with the law, the animals could be killed after three days. The F.K.K. Animal Rescue, with its 100% no-kill policy is a much needed addition.

Many of the animals who found shelter at F.K.K Animal Rescue have suffered from neglect, abuse, burns, accidents and illnesses and need extra care to again become a best friend of us humans.

Peter and Patrice do their outmost best to train the dogs so that they will find a new home. The dogs that have been traumatized and can’t be placed with new owners will have a place to stay at F.K.K.

In 2 ½ years F.K.K. only needed to euthanize 3 dogs because of too much suffering.

F.K.K. Animal Rescue Highlights

- Providing Shelter

At the end of November, 2016, F.K.K. Animal Rescue had provided shelter to 11 cats and 52 dogs. Even though they find new homes for many, many more are brought to them for much needed help.

- New Dog Kennels

With a minimum of resources, F.K.K. was able to build 6 new dog kennels in September, 2016. Each kennel is 3 ½ x 3 ½ meters, built to catch the breeze, protect the dogs from sun, rain and heat and there is an enclosed playing field of 21 x 5 meters directly accessible from the kennels. The dogs can now play in a spacious, yet protected, area.

- Animal Ambulance

In October, 2016, F.K.K. Animal Rescue received an animal ambulance provided by the foundation DierenLot in collaboration with the foundation Het Waardige Dier. The Ambulance is one of three ambulances provided by the foundations.

-Animal organizations cooperating with Businesses

Plaza Resort Bonaire is one of the businesses on the island that worked to find the most humane solution to their ever growing cat population. Many cats roam the premises and help to control the rodent population, but while they are helpful, their numbers have grown and they have become a nuisance themselves. Plaza has provided the finances to build a cat kennel on the F.K.K. Animal Rescue property where some of the cats have found a home and are waiting for a forever home and new owners.


F.K.K. Animal Rescue now has about 11 volunteers who help to take care of the dogs’ and cats’ physical and mental health.

Peter and Patrice, who both work hard in their regular job to make the foundation possible, can use any help you can provide. F.K.K. receives no official funding and relies on our help.

  • Any amount you are able to give will help.

  • Sponsors for a second dog kennel are needed.

  • Construction materials are very helpful.

  • Dog food is always needed (as of right now, 700–800 kilos are needed monthly)

  • The dog quarantine kennel is in need of renovations.

  • Your love and attention is always welcome to help the animals in their interactions with us humans and heal from their, sometimes horrible, past experiences.

You are always welcome to visit F.K.K. Animal rescue. Please call before you pass by to ensure that someone is available to show you around.

F.K.K. Animal Rescue 2017

- F.K.K. Animal rescue will be doing its utmost best to bring change the dog control program which is based on Island Ordinance No. 2 of June 25, 1998, wherein an animal can be killed after a minimum of 3 days. As of the latest information, the Dog Control Program has been set on hold for the next three months.

- The animal organizations will work together for better communication between organizations.

- F.K.K. believes in education and information before euthanasia. In collaboration with all animal organizations, more information and help will be provided to inform residents.

- With your support F.K.K. hopes to build another 6 dog kennels in 2017, to give shelter to more dogs in need.

What to do?

Sometimes it can be confusing, scary and we don’t know what is best to do when we know or see an animal in need.

Call the Police

The best thing to do is inform the police about your concern. The police are the only ones who have the authority to take animals out of an abusive situation.

Feel inspired?

Hopefully, we have inspired you in one way or another and you would like to know more about F.K.K., or you have made up your mind and you would like to donate to F.K.K.


F.K.K. Animal Rescue

Flor di Cuba 40

Kralendijk, Bonaire C.N.

Chamber of Commerce registration Number: 2422/MK


Peter Kerssemakers - 780 8020/email:

Patrice Verschoor - 796 2810/email:

Website : (under construction)

Facebook : Fundashon Kunuku Kakelvers

Bank information: Banco di Caribe – 31 58 47 01 Swift: BDCCBQBN

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