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Successful conference on Bonaire on the political future of the Dutch administrated Caribbean

Recently Foundation Nos Kier Boneiru Bek organized a conference at Plaza Hotel which has put a foundation for a better future for the Bonerian peoples and of our other sister islands which are administrated by the Dutch. Following after the conference a gala-diner was held at Eddy's restaurant with keynote speaker Dr. Corbin. Both events were successful with good attendance and got from the participants and the public which followed the vents through the media that these were very informative and of international standards.

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The delegation Aruba represented by Dr Gerrit Croes and of Curacao by Mr. Koots thru their speeches has expressed their compassion to the struggle and hardships and that they will support the Bonerian and Statian peoples in our efforts to realize our rights. At the same time they are alerted with the direction that the relations in the Kingdom are heading, Holland not respecting the rights and democracy of the peoples of the Kingdom and that they will also start the process and road to the United Nations and international community to realize a relationship that is based on respect and fundamental inalienable rights of the peoples of Aruba and Curacao and the other brothers of the Kingdom.

XpBonaire, IslandLife, Nos Koer Boneiru Bek, Conference , United Nations, COPPAL

The conference counted on the presence for the first time of a president of the COPPPAL Mr. Pichardo visiting the islands of ex-Antilles. COPPPAL is one of the mayor organizations in the world because it covers the whole hemisphere, from South- America, Central and North America and the Caribbean and is allied with the Asian continent through ICAPP and the African continent through CAPP and promised and came to a resolution to support Bonaire and Sint Eustatius completely and actively. This will be in effect through a special committee of decolonization of COPPPAL represented by its vice-president and coordinator Mr Rudy Croes which will take the case and cause to other international forums as CELAC, ONASUR etc to help to reestablish respect and fundamental human right of self-determination and democracy back to our peoples which are helpless and cannot defend their-selves and their rights against the administrating Dutch power which visibly has started a re-colonization process I which under no circumstances will count on the support and approval of the international community.

Independant United Nations expert Dr Corbin, which was one of the principal experts in assisting to the re-listing of French-Polynesia on the list of non-self-governing-territories recently in 2013 in his presentation illustrated the world panorama of the non-self-governing-territories and their political evolution. Further he emphasized on the fundamental pillars of international law, resolutions and fundamental rights which are anchored at world level and forms the base for the decolonization process. It became very clear illustrated and reconfirmed that the actual imposed status on by Holland on the peoples of Sint Eustatius and Bonaire is in violation with the principles of international law and human rights. And that Holland with the collaboration of the actual government to anchor the peoples of Sint Eustatius and Bonaire in their constitution is committing a mayor international crime of not respecting democracy and has became a anti-democracy country.

We can look back on a successful conference and that has leave behind a historical mark and fundamental base of hope and solidarity from our sister islands and from the international community and that we are not alone anymore in our struggle to save the identity and dignity of the Bonerian peoples and to prevent that the Bonerian peoples will be assimilated and eliminated and will disappear if we continue on this path.

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