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Food Trucks have become popular globally, from the simple sandwich truck to a gourmet restaurant on wheels, everything is possible. Bonaire, with its international influences, has embraced this trend, which is very suitable to our island with guests spreading all over the island for diving, snorkeling and other activities.

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King Kong Bonaire

– Burgers & Hot Dogs

has become the latest addition to our food truck experience. Asko Tabasco, the owner, and his soon to be wife, Jana, have chosen Bachelor’s Beach as their location. The small sandy beach, with its easy access to the water and its beautiful vista overlooking Kralendijk (and it even has some covered rest areas in the parking lot), is a great spot for a short break. Even for us Islanders, it’s a great little moment to unwind.

XpBonaire, IslandLife, Bonaite, News, Information, island people, human interest, Feature Story

Asko Tabasco

Asko had been working as an operations manager at Dive Friends for the last 9 years when he felt it was time for some changes in his life.

Asko, who was born in the Netherlands, started traveling the world at age 19. His journey from Switzerland, to England, to Asia and to the Caribbean brought him to Bonaire for the first time in 1995. In those days, the island was still very quiet and he decided to continue his travels. After a year on Saba and Statia, Asko decided to return to Bonaire in 2007. After working a short time at the Donkey Sanctuary, he started working at Dive Friends Bonaire and became an operations manager shortly thereafter.

After 9 years of working for the same company, it was time for something new. With Jana as his life partner, food became even more important to him. Jana has been cooking all over the island for us with her Pop Up restaurant where she serves delicious Asian inspired creations or takes us to different countries entirely with her theme nights.

Simple, Tasty, Affordable

The idea of preparing quality food, simple and affordable, became King Kong Bonaire and Asko’s new adventure and, of course, Jana will be part of it.

King Kong serves burgers, hot dogs and French fries. Besides the classics, you will also find some special creations. Here are some of these inspirations to make your mouth water:

The Italian Job

A 100% Beef Burger served with parmesan cheese, truffle paste and arugula.

Junk Yard Dog

A Hot Dog, two slices of crispy bacon, cheese, hot peppers, onion compote, shoe string potatoes and homemade BBQ sauce

Besides their regular menu, King Kong also serves a homemade vegetarian burger and Lionfish Burgers as of October, 2016.

Check them out at Bachelor’s Beach.

Tuesday thru Saturday, 11 am – Sunset. The prices are very affordable!!!

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