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UNKOBON Newsletter: mail delivery, long lease price issues and complaints Internet, MiTV/ Telbo.

In this newsletter: successful appeal to our members to assist in the BT&P evaluation of mail delivery; a lodged complaint with the Ombudsman because the Executive Council does not react to Unkobon's request concerning the long lease price issues; and the numerous complaints about the Internet and MiTV provided by Telbo.

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Evaluation of Postal Delivery

In July Unkobon appealed to its members to participate in the evaluation of postal deliveries on Bonaire. The response was good: as many as 80 members signed up. Their data has been forwarded to the Bureau Telecommunication & Post, which is the authority conducting the evaluations.

Twice a year BT&P conducts an evaluation: certain letters are sent and the addressee is expected to report when the letter arrives and to send it back to the bureau. Unkobon expects its members to be diligent in reporting receipt of the letters to BT&P. This will help the evaluation's reliability to increase. The evaluation results will be discussed with FEDC.

Long lease prices

We have reported previously that Unkobon concluded that, largely, the increase in price has taken place on legally contestable grounds. In a letter to the Executive Council in October 2015, Unkobon suggested a joint request for an independent court judgement. At the end of March an Unkobon delegation spoke to representatives of the Legal Department and the Financial Department of the OLB (Public Entity Bonaire). And at the beginning of June Unkobon made the Executive Council aware of the issue still pending and -at its request- sent the case file to the deputies.

Unfortunately, it is now clear that the Executive Council will not respond to our letter dated October 2015 in the near future. Therefore, Unkobon has filed a complaint with the National Ombudsman and it hopes that this will stimulate the EC to react in some way.

Unkobon is very surprised that the EC seems not to want to agree to the proposal of jointly requesting an independent court judgement. Surely, local government does not want to make its citizens pay an increase in long lease prices if it is doubtful whether that increase is legally allowed?

Survey internet Telbo

In November 2015 and in collaboration with Unkobon, Telbo developed a complaints procedure and in so doing embarked on a path of improvement. However, several times Unkobon was forced to report problems because Telbo was not following the agreed procedure.

To be able to collect data about the quality of Telbo's service, Unkobon is busy developing a survey about Telbo's Internet and digital TV. We hope that it will be ready to be put online this month.

Because of the numerous complaints they have received, Telbo have invited a number of individual and business clients for a meeting, to be held mid September. During this meeting the issues and suggestions will be discussed. Unkobon will be present to join the discussion.

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