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Bonaire, as wonderful, beautiful and unique as it is, has one downside, especially in the eyes of women who love fashion and like to pay attention to their appearance. The island doesn’t have enough choices when it comes to shopping. Imagine you have had a bad day and you want a quick fix to turn the dark and cloudy day into a sunny and happy one. Where would you go?

Since last year, we have had a wonderful and much needed addition to our Bonaire shopping experience - TISA Fashion Bonaire.

Eye Catcher

Located in downtown Kralendijk in the Lourdes Shopping Center, the boutique catches your eye immediately with its beautiful and special window display. Some window shoppers might think TISA exceeds their shopping budget, but nothing is further from the truth.

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Patricia, owner of TISA, and yes, the shop name is her nickname, took budget limitations into account as well as sizes, climate, cultural influences and obtainability.

Tisa knows what she is talking about. Even though she was born in the European Netherlands, she and her family came to Bonaire when she was 6 years old. Because of her parents concern about her older brother’s studies, 9 years later the family decided to move back to the European Netherlands.

Tisa’s childhood memories of the island were always positive and she was certain that she would return one day when she had a family of her own.

As long as she can remember, Tisa has loved fashion, trying on her mother’s high heels, checking out beautiful cloth in shops and organizing her own fashion shows at home with her girlfriends. Her fashion sense has always been excellent and many people complimented her on her great taste. Since drawing and designing cloth was not her forte’, she decided to study fashion management which would give her the ability to switch into another industry if needed.

Stepping into the work force in the middle of the economic crisis was not easy. But she did not give up and she finally started working part time at a jewelry wholesaler. Tisa slowly worked her way from part time all the way up into a managerial position.

Once Bonaire – Always Bonaire

Her life couldn’t have been happier. She had work she loved, a great circle of friends and her family by her side. Of course, Tisa never forgot about Bonaire and she would visit Bonaire frequently on her vacations. Then her life partner started the discussion about possibly moving to Bonaire.

It was not an easy decision to make. Leaving behind her work that she would never find on Bonaire was hard, but after another friend in the same life situation took the step, boyfriend, Dave, and Tisa finally decided they should take a chance and moved to Bonaire in March, 2014.


Tisa first took a job at More for Less, but soon realized that it was not the right fit. Missing fashion on the island, the idea of building her own boutique started to take shape.

With her many years of island experience, she knew exactly what she wanted and what was needed. When she found shop space, she immediately went to the Netherlands to buy the interior decor and the fashions.

Tisa Fashion

Tisa Fashion opened its doors in November, 2015. Tisa is happy and grateful about the positive responses she has received. Even though Bonaire has many different cultural influences combined with different fashion sense, all woman search for that special piece, different from all others, that will make her look like a million bucks – but doesn’t cost that much. Tisa made sure that her fashions are affordable to all. In general, her prices run between US $10 – 100.

You will find dresses, pants, shirts, blouses, bikinis, beach wear, accessories and shoes starting at size XS up to XXL.

There is only one piece available in every size, so you don’t need to worry about running into your favorite dress on another woman. Tisa shops in Europe, buying her brands from Italy, France, the Netherlands and Germany - the best Europe has to offer.

You also don’t need to worry about long fashion breaks, Tisa adds new items to her selection weekly. In the fall and winter seasons, the boutique also offers sweaters and cardigans.

Tisa is open 6 days a week, Monday to Friday from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm, 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm and Saturdays from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm.

Tisa runs the boutique herself and can help you make the right choice with her great advice. Her proud mother, and best friend, supports her however she can when she is on the island half of the year.

The boutique also takes part in fashion shows and Tisa has many ideas to improve your shopping experience. Follow her latest updates on Facebook: TISA Bonaire.

Tisa is happy with her decision to return to her childhood home. Now that she can continue her love for fashion, her parents by her side, her brother will soon be joining the family on the island. And with a happy boyfriend here also, there is only one part missing as far as we can tell …. Where are the children?


TISA Fashion Bonaire

Lourdes Shopping Center

Kaya L.D. Gerharts 9 a

Phone 717 1135

Open Monday to Friday 10 am – 1 pm, 3 pm – 6 pm

Saturday 10 am – 4 pm

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