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Research on sharks starts this week

STINAPA, IMARES and DCNA starting with Shark research in Bonaire this week.

This week marks the beginning of shark research in Bonaire. STINAPA, IMARES and DCNA are working together, with funding from the Nationale Postcode Loterij, to learn more about the species of sharks frequenting the waters and reefs of Bonaire.

Nijs Ruijs, an intern from Hogeschool Zeeland, will be working together with STINAPA staff to investigate the sharks of Bonaire for the next few months with his BRUV units (Baited Remote Underwater Video). These stainless steel units are equipped with bait and a video camera and are left on the bottom of the sea for an hour and a half and then retrieved. The video is then analyzed for images of sharks – which species, size, etc.

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STINAPA is eager to learn more about Bonaire’s top predators. Sharks and rays are overfished throughout the world’s oceans and are currently protected by law in Bonaire. If you happen upon one of the BRUV units while SCUBA diving or boating, STINAPA kindly requests that you do not tamper with it.

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