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Fennel, Crab & Orange Salad

Island Proof Recipes

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Serves 2

Cooks In15 minutes

Difficulty Super easy


1 bulb of fennel

2 oranges

2 fresh sprigs of mint

1 ripe avocado

½ a fresh green chilli

100 g white crabmeat

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil


Trim the fennel, then thinly slice on a mandolin and place in a bowl of iced water.

Peel and slice 1½ oranges, then arrange on a platter.

Pick and tear the mint leaves, destone the avocado, then slice and scoop out the flesh. Dice the chilli.

Arrange on the platter with the fennel and crab meat.

Mix the remaining orange juice with the oil. Season generously with sea salt and black pepper, then drizzle over the salad. Serve at once.

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