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Bonaire awarded the Silver Quality Coast Award

The Netherlands Minister of Economic Affairs, Mr. Henk Kamp, awarded Bonaire with the Silver Quality Coast Award this was handed to the Director of Tourism Corporation Bonaire Mr. Maurice Adriaens during the Bonaire Economic conference.

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During the past weeks various stakeholders were interviewed and during this time a green destination assessment of Bonaire took place. After successfully completing the assessment items Bonaire acquired the Silver Award. For more information on the Bonaire assessment you can visit:

The Silver Quality Coast Award is an award developed by the Coastal and Marine Union (EUCC). This is a part of the so-called Green Deal for sustainable tourism that is executed from November 2014 till December 2016. The aim of this initiative is to promote the sustainability of destinations. This must be achieved by developing a joint vision on the way in which the sustainability of destinations and developing processes and resources are considered. The development of processes and funds is also taken into consideration, in order to measure the sustainability of the destinations and to make it visible.

Bonaire, XpBonaire, News, Information, Coastal Award, Sustainable Tourism, TCB

Green Deal is a collaboration between The Netherlands and the United Kingdom to reinforce each other on individual efforts, especially in priority areas as sustainable energy, nature management, sustainable tourism and waste policy.

Tourism Corporation Bonaire together with the various stakeholders will now have certain assessment points to improve on. This will need to take place within one year in order to acquire a higher ranking for the next Bonaire Green Destination Assessment. At the Tourism Corporation Bonaire Ms. Xenah Cicilia ( is the coordinator for the program and she will make sure that by the next assessment Bonaire will score GOLD.

Congratulations Bonaire on this important award.

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