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Fire Department CN and Foundation Fire Department training sign a collaboration agreement

The Fire Department Caribbean Netherlands (BKCN) and the Foundation Fire Department Training BOGO, have signed a collaboration agreement on July 8th with which BOGO will support the BKCN the upcoming years with organizing Fire Department training and examinations up till the level of sergeant. The agreement was signed by Director of Policy and Task Performance, Jan- Willem Schaper and director of BOGO, Herry Ester.

BOGO is a fire department training institute from the European Netherlands that provides fire department training up till sergeant for 6 safety regions and the air force. BKCN has already been making use of the support of BOGO at providing trainings for a couple of years and now this support is formalized.

Well educated and trained firefighters are important for BKCN. From laws and regulations high demands on training, examination, retraining and practice are set at BKCN. BOGO supports BKCN in order to meet these demands. We work according the “train the trainer” principle, whereby BOGO retrain the core instructors of BKCN on the latest knowledge and skills. The core instructors of BKCN provide the trainings, exercises and retraining within the corps whereby knowledge and skills will be secured within the own organization. The development of training programs and exams schedules by BOGO are also done in close collaboration with BKCN.

The collaboration with BOGO helps BKCN in the making and keeping competent staff and with the further professionalization of the fire department on all three Islands for the purpose of maintaining a qualitatively good service to society.

Photo from left to right: J. Tromp, J.W. Schaper, H. Ester en R. Janga

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